UIGEA Squared

That’s five letters that increase a poker player’s blood pressure.  It is an example of overreaching by our governement.  The Patriot Act emphasizes the overreach to the rest of the nation and world.  Well, Congress is about through the hearings stage for a mother of all overreaches. 

What is the new insult?  It is called SOPA.   Heard of it?   Doubtful outside Libertarian circles.  Their idea is to fly under the radar as far and long as possible.    SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act.  If it passes it will be an example of Congress avoiding responsibility by pushing off their responsibility.   Instead of foisting culpability on some idiots work more on bumping their GS rating, they are sending it to those rapacious (their term more than mine) corporations.  Honest, it turns the enforcement over to outsiders we sure as hell never voted for.

Now what they pull off really would affect me.  The last movie I saw in a theater was a Star Wars.  It wasn’t even the last one but the one with a flop eared Jar-Jar Bing.   That confirmed that most sequels start sucking at some point.  I have never bought anything that came with ear buds.  My car has a tape player and there is a 99-cent tape sticking out of it collecting dust.

My dog ain’t in this fight.  Why rant?  Because it is obscene and contravene the points made to protect us by the Constitution. Here a simple look at it.  It isn’t from some biased think tank or lobbyist but an IT site.   If you search on SOPA on Google, you can find a lot about it and about the overreaching by the recording and movie industry that is already allowed.  It isn’t likely you’ll get solid info from your 6 o’clock news at it is controlled by the six media powerhouses that want the bill passed.

I would suggest to those who buy media to stop and look to alternative sources.  It isn’t piracy; it is called civil disobedience and has been used to right wrong here and abroad.  It is time to have control revert to the populace.



It is sad when Comedy Central is the media source for honest reporting.


  1. December 13th, 2011 at 11:34 | #1

    He uses comedy very effectively. I especially likes “setting your ex-girlfriend’s couch on fire” – LOL.

  2. December 13th, 2011 at 11:49 | #2

    What is Kate’s email address?  I may need to send her a warning.

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