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The Decline and Fall

December 14th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was never a grand conjugater.  Diagramming sentences always left me cold.   My writing is considered legible and modestly articulate — most of the time.   I do like the language and I do like words.  Words are fun to play with.  However, you need to string them together.  As a reader, my normal source has been books.  The Internet has changed a lot of that to blogs.  At times it is almost embarrassing how many new ones my reader pulls up on a morn.

Sadly few of them are the poker blogs that made up a large part of my daily fix. It was in decline well before Black Friday but coffin nails sprouted  more quickly after.   So, I thought there might be a resurrection of sorts with the December blogger gathering.  Bit more disappoint rather than hilarity ensued — but CrAAkkkEEErrrSS came through with a pair.   You remember him before his corporate sellout, right?  (I never do get that hip-hop UPPER/lower stuff r1gh7.)  Anyway, he referenced a bunch of names that were vaguely familiar — my short term memory being a challenge.

Many of those claiming to be poker bloggers would have difficulty proving it without access to the Internet’s Waybak machine.  Well, not quite that bad for some but approaching rigor for many others.  I had thought that many would make a WPBT post — embarrassment, if nothing else.  A few obliged with a short I came I drank I slept I spewed post.  Well, they were almost a blog.  But, many of the solid names that I could rely on for an interesting view or pseudo brawl are still listed as missing.

Anyway, this CrAAAA — stop it, I am going dyslexic — well, you know who I mean — had this link to one of the MIA. (M1AA?) Now I remember this person as a sparky, in your face, something to say person.   Kid met the testosterone laden home and workplace head on.  Fun… Articulate… all the rest.  New job demands and all — I understood the cutback.   At least until recently.   That AAKK guy left me a link to this thing called Twitter.  It must be a home for those with a certifiable something-or-other challenge.  You remember that funny, articulate girl I mentioned, right?  The one that could string paragraphs together for both fun and profit.  Well, the mighty hath fallen.

Is that sad or what?  Crystal balls couldn’t make sense of it.  And. you’ll notice many  @names claiming to be bloggers.  Some have switched or forgotten their true blog name.  I suspect embarrassment.  They are twit, tweet twots.  I am normally loathed to call folks twots and that wasn’t conjugating but criticism. A sad collection of people marginally involved and only for the moment.  The word has been limited to like 100 and whatever requiring the attention span of gnats or gnus or g-something sad.

I could gather equally egregious examples of where articulate has wandered off to.   This is not the exception and it must stop.  I allowed a lot of fairly new people life access because of this.  They are the real persons with bunions, warts, or whatever.  They are also my idealized version via blogs and comments that gave them a position of respect and affection.  And they’ve deteriorated to one poorly formed sentence before my eyes.   This isn’t just the above party.  Examples abound.  You know who you are.

Get off your blogger claims and write something, you lazy, good-for-nothing, mumble-mumble-mumble

Tweets are to language like a stick in a termite nest is to tool making.  That places you with the lower order of primates.  Shape up, people. Straighten those gig lines.  We’ll take you back in blogdom and to the race.  Don’t make me send you to a 12-step program.  Hair shirts with a Blogger logo will be available in the lobby at intermission for $37.50.


Twitter may someday make a contribution to the language and art of communication; but, it will be under the infinite number of monkeys concept.


P.S. So, is the lighter hair caused by unacceptable but anticipated color variation or access to a California sun missing farther north?  (I am willing to hear sun effect with a straight face.)


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