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Glory Hole

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The current first meaning is sexual.  In mining terms, it is a mine with large and easily found quantities of gold.  That can also translate to a happening in poker.  Josie asked who was the best player she knew.   That isn’t a simple or even a valid question.  Poker is full of the wrong questions.




The trick in poker is to find your glory hole.  Mojo has a great tournament example with his home casino.  The process can be simple but with varied difficulty and often transient.  The basic idea is to use the structure and population (quantity and quality) to configure an approach that provides a higher than normal return.   You establish a mental process and persistence that gives you less variance.  That is easy to say and harder to maintain.  But it is doable.

The better players — not best but better — can do this in a variety of higher risk games.   The rest of us need to seek the level where our success lies.   Repetition by population is the key with tournaments environments.   Notes (mining for those who chose) is the key with ring play.   Smaller sites are often the better choice with notes  and some tournament can work the idea best.

We all develop a mindset.  I play different from Josie.  I am closer in thought process to Mojo — at least when I engage my brain for the required term.  That isn’t saying one is superior.  It means their optimal situation is likely different.   Any can occasionally succeed in their less attractive environment.  But, fit is important as it eliminates a distraction.  What fit does is create comfortable shoes.  It lets us maintain easier/better focus.

The first time I found the brass ring was in a freeroll, of all places.   PokerRoom had three freerolls a day with deep pay of (early on) $3000 addons.    You needed player points to cash so it wasn’t the typical freeroll.   Later there was a rebuy on the TonyG site that I found easy to cash in and backed a friend who did even better.  There were others and the most recent was the Stud8B game at UB that I’ve written a lot about.

Who you are as a player determines your best chance situations.  That doesn’t easily simplify.  One of my strengths is a trapping game when the blinds are right.  In that I am looking for people willing to overplay hands.   To put it in concrete terms, Josie would be a target; Mojo would be a nemesis.  That doesn’t say one player is the better but that I think I have the right understanding of certain potentials that feed a perceived strength.

I also think I can change gears fairly well.  This serves better in some structures than other.  I played on UB far more than FT because of that.  It isn’t that one should play on my choice.  The idea is to find structure that fits.  If the difference doesn’t seem apparent, you need to really study the whys of your success.

Poker is fun to talk/argue.   Glory holes are seldom the topic or arrive with the right questions.  But, they are +EV when you understand who you are and your environment better than the next guy.  There are no best players as a given but almost all can find their better niche and enjoy a better return.

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  1. Very Josie
    January 4th, 2012 at 10:10 | #1

    I like the glory hole analogy, but I think that ties in with most profitable vs best player.  I agree that the question itself isn’t quite valid but it was one that someone asked me.

  2. January 4th, 2012 at 14:28 | #2

    Good post. I’d like to say that I don’t always play tricky/trappy — it’s just those are hands that I end up writing about because that’s where the big swings happen.

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