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A Man for all Seasons

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That was Thomas More in the first incarnation.  The movie, play and life described him as a man of conscience.  He was consumed — well beheaded actually — in going against the good political comprise of the day.   He was lucky in that the original sentence was hang, drawn and quartered.  Not that the outcome would have changed.

My man for all seasons isn’t as likely canonization beyond the editing rooms of PBS.  His history is seasonal.  He was LBJ’s Press Secretary and he is reported to have been the guy to recommend that Kennedy take the top off for his Dallas motorcade.  His efforts at honest reporting seem consumed by perceived editorial responsibility needs.  Fits right in to the PBS view.

I watched his show last night on the secondary PBS channel run by Chicago City Colleges.  This wasn’t their usual fare.  Although, like all PBS stations, they can surprise all sides at times.  This was one of those nights.  The overlooking term is crony capitalism.  The show featured David Stockmen and Gretchen Morganson and with both appearing under the imprimatur of Mr. Moyers does make for strange bedfellows.

The first part of the show featuring Stockman on Cronyism :


Ms. Morganson’s portion on the “housing bubble”:

While Moyers sounds like some Tea Party bigots/terrorists,  he quickly moves to the Occupy side for comfort.  I’ve remarked that the two side are closer than they are apart and Moyers seems an interesting confirmation.  I’ve noted personally and here that I tend too much toward the negative.   In a Washington where all sides are pointing to the glass and discussing it fullness, Moyers goes beyond my feeble attempts at gloom and doom.

The thing you might take away from these presentations is that all sides are pointing at the current downturn as a feeble warmup to the big one.  In a way that reminds me of Fred Sanford’s oft-repeated warning about the big one.   We’ve always been a nation of pendulum swingers.  That may be a misplaced view on my part.  Things are more critical these days than I can recall in my years.  But, up to now, we’ve always seen that history repeats itself and halts our most egregious excesses in time.

I am keeping my fingers crossed

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