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Newton was a Poker Player

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You remember good old Sir Ike.  He the apple guy.  His law of motion goes:

Objects in motion tend to remain in motion.  Objects at rest tend to remain at rest.

Well, my high school physics class did have one more thing to say about it:

Unless acted upon by an external force.

There is where Isaac let us know he really was a final table type.

What I am talking about isn’t something most bloggers talk about in polite company.  The good ones all do it.  It just isn’t that exciting a subject and we all like to fire for effect.  Lets try some examples.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Mojo could be a great trapping player against an overactive player.  He was quick to comment that wasn’t really his norm.   I understood that disclaimer and had no argument.

Joe C, or how you want to spell that, love to say one should never limp into the pot.  It is part of her “Girls have stones too.” theme.  She may be capable of Mojo’s disclaimer but it isn’t going to be as clear — blog-wise.

Jo represents our object in motion.  Another word would be active.  She understands position and speculative hands.  Give her some chips and she’ll play table captain.  It is her raison d’être — fun through pushiness.  We could change her screen name to MissPreFlop.  (I guess I should give some form of link.)

Mojo get to be our object at rest.  That isn’t who he is but it is my example.  On good days he’s an Enigma Machine.  He is trying to be a cypher.  If Sparky got his social analysis going he might come up with multiple personalities — a good poker thing.

I not really trying to describe individuals; I’m looking for types.  And those are among the common types.  If either is as good as the results show, they are more than that.  But, KISS requires that here or this turns in to something feature-length.

Put them at the same table.  Mojo wants her on his right but that isn’t always the case.  He’ll play different on that basis.  Both are drooling over their perceived opponent — assuming they aren’t the known entity but the type.  Both should be aware they are susceptible to said player type.  But, both also see potential for their success there.  They seem to typically send opposite vibes and opposites are supposed to attract — more physics.

I’m willing to expand on this and probably will but I’ll issue a challenge instead.  I’ll hope the parties will share with us how they’d play the prototype player that I am saying are what they seem above.   I think it’d be interesting and we might get a poker post out of them.  What pitfalls will they watch for?  What success are they angling toward?


This old guy decided to splurge and get a shave from the local barber.  With all the wrinkles, it was hard to shave in the cracks and he was going out to dinner with family and want to look his best.   He told the barber about his problem and the barber explained he had a great solution.  He handed him a little wooden ball and told him to put it in his cheek.  He did and the shave really went well with the cheek puffed out to hide the wrinkles. At the end he asked the barber, “What if I’d swallowed that little ball?”

The barber responded,

“Then you’d do what everybody else does.  Bring it back tomorrow.”




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  1. Very Josie
    January 31st, 2012 at 14:51 | #1

    Interesting post. (for a change) I will think on it.  Oh and ewwww to the wooden ball in your mouth.  lol

  2. February 1st, 2012 at 05:31 | #2

    You found it interesting. Be still my heart.

  3. February 1st, 2012 at 19:44 | #3

    “opposites are supposed to attract”
    well, we like each other, so it must be true.

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