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The World’s best gambling cities

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The world’s best gambling cities

With great sites like multipoker.com on the internet for gamblers to try their skill and luck at all times of the day and night, it is sometimes easy to forget the excitement of some of the great cities that offer stunning gambling opportunities across the world. Here are just a few that aficionados of the gaming tables may love to visit, both to have a great time and to walk away with potentially huge winnings.


This exotic Chinese destination is fast heading towards the number one slot in gambling popularity, with the potential to overtake Las Vegas itself in the not too distant future. There are no fewer than 22 casinos here and the city has plenty of other entertainments apart from the gambling, especially the extravagant shows. From April to October Macao has its typhoon season, so pack a raincoat if that is when you are going.


Although not especially regarded as a gambling destination, this historic city has over 25 casinos. These stand out from others across the globe in being extremely glitzy, bringing some real James Bond glamour and class to a gambling scene that is sometimes noted for its excess. Some of the most exclusive gambling establishments in the world are to be found here, and names like Les Ambassadeurs Club, the Clermont Club and the Ritz ooze with distinction and atmosphere. Bear in mind that most pubs in the UK still close at 11pm.

Monte Carlo

For stunning scenery of hills and the Mediterranean, and an almost mythical reputation, Monte Carlo can hardly be bettered. Breaking the bank here can do no harm to one’s reputation, and there is plenty of entertainment right on the doorstep. This is an expensive city, but note that service is included in the price at restaurants and bars; you are not expected to tip unless you particularly wish to do so.


Nassau in the Bahamas has a truly exotic setting in the Caribbean Sea, and casinos like the Atlantis on Paradise Island have great dance clubs and top restaurants as well as a wide choice of gambling opportunities. The golf clubs and beaches here are legendary, so even visitors not especially into gambling will have a range of other attractions to enjoy. Bear in mind that traffic travels on the left side of the road in the Bahamas.


There are now a number of fine casinos in Paris, despite the city’s somewhat draconian gaming laws. The Aviation Club de France, for example, is truly world class, offering plenty of table games in a luxurious and stylishly contemporary atmosphere. Of course, Paris is also packed with attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. Before traveling, check out the situation regarding strikes, which are fairly common and can cause much disruption.

Las Vegas

For glamorous casinos, luxury resorts and outrageously flamboyant entertainment options, Las Vegas has been well nicknamed Sin City. Fabulous hotel and casino complexes, such as Mandalay Bay and Caesars Palace, have established themselves in the roll call of legendary gambling venues, and there are also many other attractions here like the vast shopping malls and award-winning shows. Take a cab on the Las Vegas Strip because the traffic is a complete nightmare.

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