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Picture this

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Numbers are just that.  They often miss or are ignored in our frame of reference.   That was really pointed out to me recently.  Take a look.

That is “The Housing Bubble” and not seeing it for the cliffhanger that showed up and cascaded.  I saw that knowing that things were silly.  I also lived through two bubbles and remember them as serious concerns at the time  — hadn’t seen anything yet.   It started in the Clinton administration.  They put together the framework for mortgage excess.  Dubya add froth instead of substance.  The banking crisis has the same pedigree.

Clinton and Bush said, “Everybody should own their home.” and, as a landlord, I see that as laughable.  Owning a home is more than getting a mortgage.  Discipline and responsibility are prerequisites that is lacking in many.


I’ve moaned about publisher time and again.  The late Jim Baen was one of those that got it right.  If you like SiFi or Fantasy, well known authors have put offering of their books in a free library there.  They have a ton of free books up.  Here’s a collection of free short storiesThere must be close to fifty authors in the free library proper.

Jim Baen got it as did many authors.  Releasing an out-of-print  or starter in an anthology set made them money.  Jim’s passing has slowed that a bit.  But, I’ve denigrated publisher time and again.  It is nice to be able to mention one that got it right.

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