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Hot Dam

April 20th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I played poker.  I loaded UB to see if it still did.  It did and the Stud8B was active with two tables.  It was 100-200.  They have all the way down to micro but why not be high rollers, right?   I plunked myself down.  As some bloggers are prone to say, “Hilarity ensued.”  

My problem in the past visiting the play money world was maintaining focus.  I had trouble not being a bigger dork.   With this way or the highway, I managed to stay mostly focused.  I played two or three hands that maybe I shouldn’t have and won a nice pot with one.  That one was a high blinds kind of play.  Having 10 BB with the free allocation of play money leads to that.   Brick aren’t quite as big an impact.

The play was bad but not as bad as I thought normal.  People were doing all the stupid stuff that makes the 8’s or better world so profitable.  But a couple could actually fold — even if it was a street too late.

How bad was it?

I don’t really recall community card play on 7th street.  I’m sure I saw it once or twice.  Today, I saw it at least 3 times.  When there aren’t enough cards for all those still in on 7th street, there is no cowardice present.

I really felt rusty early on.  I finally loaded Stud Insepector to get some of the info that had hidden behind a bush in the grey matter.   Didn’t really change how I was playing.  I played about 70 hand and had about 40 BB when I left.  Well, now I have decent money in both my play and real money accounts.  [ok, I’ve managed to dry the tears.]

Well, I think I’ll go over to a school cafeteria and sign on to be a food cop.  Maybe, if I toe the government line, poker can come back.

EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!!  I feel the need to draw to an inside straight.


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    Too bad they killed a good thing (they being both the govt and UB).

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