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Cue Nelson Muntz

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Ha-Haw Yeah, his stock line.  Filled with ridicule.  Today seems a nice day to bring that to the fore.  Of course Nelson isn’t the brightest bulb in a world where the only brightness isn’t in the characters but in the artificial world created.  That’s been pretty much the case since Black Friday.

Lets start with a link.  Bill Rini tracked down a classic.  Howard Lederer discussing ethics.  Certainly deserving of a HA-HAW.  Did remind me of something.  Remember Dolly’s kid bitching at Howard who drug a bale of money out of the trunk of his car to make Junior whole?  Couple that to his remark that deception is good unless it with your friends who you have to play fair with.  There is a description of just who and what ran Full Tilt.

Next HA-HAW on the list goes to Mrs. Phil Ivey.  Her alimony was a $180K/Mo cut of Phil’s $980K/Mo cut from Full Tilt. Damn! I’d be willing to play the nosebleed tables with that kind of negative rake.   Seems to cast some doubt at Phil’s reputation as the best.   Couple that to his enjoyment of craps and such and you have the same old same old.  Oh, BTW, when FT dried up so did the alimony.

Next on our HA-HAW moments is Two Plus Two.  They got hacked and remain down as I write this.  It is another spot to track back.  It is the outgrowth of a boutique publishing house run by two of the weirder poker people.  That’s saying a lot.  One panted after the poor girl that the poker media did the love/hate thing with before she took her life.  They managed to come up with what some think of as the premier poker forum.  It was the recent first source for the Full Tilt sale. If you looked at the thread, you see the first page is typical 2×2.  After the first post on topic all the wannabes made inane remarks or bragged they posted on the first page.  Talk about lame personal gratification.  The other part of it points to the real story.  It was deleted by a moderator.  The forum is heavily moderated to conform to the prejudices of the management.  That isn’t a HA-HAW.

Not a HA-HAW but it ties in.  About 6 minutes in, Daniel talks about dropping below one life-style nut.  Seems to be talking to or at his friends that rode the Full Tilt gravy train.

Nelson’s HA-HAWs came from a sad kid.  It was a coping mechanism for a guy looking to be loved and admired.  Look for HA-HAW to be appearing at a televised poker table near you.  There is a pretty long list of poker personalities that will be on the down-slope Daniel brings up.

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  1. April 27th, 2012 at 18:15 | #1

    A loooong time ago, I used to post on 2+2. If you said anything (just for discussion) that was unusual, you got a condescending answer. You can tell me I’m full of shit, but don’t be condescending to me. Not putting up with it.

  2. April 28th, 2012 at 08:19 | #2

    I have a hard time considering 2×2 a forum these days.  It seems to revolve around self-aggrandizement based on one uping and quantity over quality.  Separating the wheat from the chaff is a monumental task.  Those whose self-worth is dependent on it must be in a quandary — the forum remains down.

    The forum monitors are as anal as the owners. And, God help you should you criticize them or the management  My Libertarian leanings are not amused.

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