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Not starching your skivvies is a good one.  It show that things can get carried beyond the norm.  Aunt Dot always ironed Uncle Jay’s loose whiteys.  That is hearsay on my part and comes from the family joke category.  Today, computers are getting into the act.  I’ve remarked on how Google serves up search based on what it thinks are your interests.  How good is that?

As sophisticated in the recommend guessing game is Amazon.  That may be a reach on my part as they have even greater incentive to put their hand in my pocket.

There is good and bad with computers.  The good is they do what you tell them.  The bad is they do what you tell them.  Located between are the programs and programmers that sometimes have leaps of faith.

In the picture is worth a thousand word category is the picture below.  I saw the recommendation.   Just how did they get the idea that this senior would be in the market for a Power Ranger’s Samurai Spin Sword. Hey, the answer to their computer was obvious.

That one seems innocent.  But, with all the data we put on the Internet without knowing it, the outcome my not be comical.  There is a lot of documentation of egregious examples that include people’s employers and potential employers.  That meat tenderizer could link me to real fighting knives the next time out.  Some might come to believe I needed time on a couch or a rubber room for the safety of mankind.


I do my searching these days using this site which doesn’t try to guess what I want.  It keeps NO RECORD of my searching.  Recommended!

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