That’s a word we all respect.  It is one of those good things.  I’ve always liked gaining knowledge.  That translates to a lot of hobbies and interests over the years.  We could throw in jack of all trades and master of none and not be that far from the mark in a lot of areas.  Two things stuck.  One was an interest in computers.  At that I think I could say that I was quite good.  I was around those that were truly great at times.  Mixed results with that.  The other has been a hobby — poker.  No poker player can deny mixed results happening.  I have had a lot of hobbies.  You can throw in expensive for most.  Hobbies were a very diverse group.  They came and went.  Poker has stuck longer than I’d thought it would.

The first success I had a poker took a while and happened in the SnG arena.  I held my own and was hooked.  I was a computer consultant/programmer at the time and made my money in spurts.  That left me with a lot of free time and poker filled it.  When I say filled it I mean really truly.  I could play and enjoy 8-10 hours a day.  Tournaments came along and added enjoyment.  The records I kept revolved around bankroll in a casual way.  I didn’t have to dip into the checking account but it wasn’t going to buy any big ticket items.  I got a gig writing for PokerWorks.  Pay came view a transfer at PokerStars that I’d pull mostly.  Played a bit higher and did OK but again not world travel bucks.

Hobbies have always been in the come and go area of life.  Interest wains and it is next one up.  Poker was lasting longer than the norm.  Just before it started shrinking away, the 50K HORSE event took front page.  Four new games showed up on my radar; five if you properly consider limit Hold’em a different animal.

So, I proceeded to HORSE and then various versions I’d somewhat mastered in playing the mixed games.  That occupied me at ring in figuring out first RAZZ and then the Stud variants.  I played more PLO than the HORSE version of O8.   But, it provided a number of new challenges.  The problem in writing for pay was it isn’t the draw with most still playing some NLH varient.  So, I retired before the site (PokerWorks) could figure out I wasn’t able to come up with decent version of the three post a week I had promised.

Frankly, I never had more fun at the tables.  This was the era of the moan and grown about the fish all drifting to stagnant waters.  I was finding the viable mix needed was still alive in the less popular games.   If you have a place to play,  take a look at the mixed games list.  Learning one or more is a +EV event. Variety can be the new spice for your play.  Who wants to be accused of being a one trick pony?


We were attacked by the UIGEA by way of government mandate.  The RIAA and MPAA have used that vehicle in a similar manner.  There are the enlightened few outside such clutches.  Here’s one that can give you a different slant on a different area under attack.

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  1. Very Josie
    May 14th, 2012 at 13:10 | #1

    XXXX you and your insults.  Hi Ken, good thing you have strike-through here.


    Idiotic Holdem Specialist

    Post edited to remove four letter word. by Ken Prevo

  2. Very Josie
    May 14th, 2012 at 13:10 | #2

    Ooops I thought you had strike through! 🙂

  3. May 14th, 2012 at 14:08 | #3

    lol  The dejected Omaha player strikes back!

  4. May 14th, 2012 at 15:31 | #4

    First, please do not use that word on my blog.  If you do, I will be forced to limit your access. I have edited the post to remove the offensive word.
    Second, the people reading here have no clue what you are referring to as the comment occurred on another blog.  The discontinuity does nothing to enhance views.

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