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Well, there is always the one with the short handled shovel.  But this isn’t quite that.  It is closer to the version that relates to Wide World of Sports intros.  The one where the guy goes tumbling of the ski jump.  The following Scoop is a bit like that on a loop.  You know what that means:  Tournament Poker.  Yeah, expect more coolers than the poor Jamoke on the skis who is wearing clothes only suitable for the slopes or a gay pride parade.

We’ll link to include the final table of Scoop #27 — another 1K extravaganza that consumed 37 hours.  Remaining functional after that is a win of its own.  The commentator is Dave Tuchman. He’s managed to stay fresh from another era.  It was the era of NetTeller, huge freerolls, salted bonuses and all the other fun of bygone times.  In his case he was a prop player at the Bicycle Casino where he transitioned into one of the commentators — often with Bart Hanson — of a net broadcast of the whale table there.  It is still available for $10 for a month of nostalgia.  Certainly Tuck’s commentary has changed a bit and probably for the better.

Tournaments then were a lot more push monkey style.  So the thing that stood out to me and in the commentary was the smarter use of bet sizing than was often found in that past era.  I won’t swear final tables were a bit sillier then but that is where my mind wandered.  Enjoy the commentary and the coolers and all that makes up today’s poker — without most of us participating.

Those were the days my friend.  We thought they’d never end.

We’d fight and never lose.  Ah, yes, my friend! Those were the days.

Of course there are always bit paying homage to bygone days.  Guts poker at its best.

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  1. May 18th, 2012 at 13:50 | #1

    I looked at the “Guts poker at its best.” Two words: unmitigated aggression. W-O-W.

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