Interesting Times

The Chinese curse that isn’t really attributable to any Chinese philosopher or sage goes: May you live in interesting times.  Interesting?   The term shares the oxymoron idea similar to Military Intelligence.   It is one of those sad jokes that describes the world around us.

Today the nearby state — Wisconsin — goes through an exercise that shouldn’t have happened.  A law intended to address maleficence in office was used to promote an agenda that didn’t like the legislated and approved laws that were attempting to get state finances back to workable levels.  That was hard on a lot of people but spiraling taxes are hard on everyone.  The only way to accommodate the few would have been to severely impact everyone.

The race is close.  Outside interest — mostly unions — have invested large sums in advertising.  It legal but intended to subvert the rights of others.  Unions have been under pressure.  My home state instituted Right to Work legislation that has unions running scared and irate.  In these politically charged situations, both side will overstate the impact.  Wisconsin voters are faced with that.

Unions, especially those for state employees, have a great impact on politics.  That is what is playing out.  California continues to ignore the problem.  Illinois is starting to understand the magnitude of all this but has a long ways to go.  Every governing body from local to Washington is trying to keep their heads in the sand over these kinds of issues.  This is an issue that few governing bodies have willingly addressed.

It is easy to live without regards for the future.  I’ve done my share of that as we all have.  But, that sign Harry Truman had on his desk — The Buck Stops Here — is one that everyone finally has to acknowledge is something none of us can avoid in the end.

Today will say a lot about who we are and what we will be.

  1. June 7th, 2012 at 12:31 | #1

    The governor wasn’t satisfied with just trying to correct things. Doing away with bargaining rights for public employees is what those of us concerned with rights deem too far.

  2. June 8th, 2012 at 06:09 | #2

    I know your horse is in this race but there are always two sides to every issue.  State employee unions are too powerful.  This is especially egregious in education.  Look at the current Chicago teachers situation where their ego-ridden, morbidly obese president wants a strike authorization before bargaining.  Where is the good faith?

    Most state employees are in a form of tenured position and couldn’t be dislodged.  Their health insurance and retirement far exceed that which is available elsewhere.  Sorry my friend but you have to move away from the trough.  The citizens can’t afford your lifestyle.

    This is playing out from municipal on up.  When the pendulum swings to far one way, it is destined to swing far the other.  Answer this question for me, seeing that the state enforces and enhances workplace rights and standards, why do you require overly powerful union representation?

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