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Beyond Underwear Poker

Yeah, the nice part about what went away on Black Friday was the choice of apparel.  Online poker didn’t come with the sign “No Shirt – No Shoe – No Service” in part because it is all about the rake.  There is rake in every successful business.  That includes those similar to a Bernie Madoff type business plan. In other words, rake can trump (see Mojo for explanation and his updates) ethics.

Business with exclusive access to consumers tend toward the rapacious.  Comcast is among their leaders.  Rather hollow praise outside Mafiaesque businesses.

The latest bit really has me looking more closely at my fellow man.  In my youth, the Chicago Stockyards were still in full swing.  School kids actually toured them as school outings.  Being led to the slaughter had been made a science.  Of course that was for dumb creatures and not the SciFi version found in apocalyptic novels.  When did that change?

Comcast is planning new set top boxes.  A feature of them will be a camera with promises for Skype or whatever.  In the fine print, they plan to monitor the room and provide ads based on the mental state they will deduce from watching.  They will use this “only” to feed ads at you, they say.  What, feed ads?  Beyond the annual price of a modest vacation you are paying; beyond the ads you must ingest; beyond the crippled HD channels; beyond… well this could end up longer than War and Peace one of Rob’s blogs.

Think about it.  You won’t have to subscribe to Hustler channel for bedroom inspiration.  You can be the feature.  This is your chance for a Clarence Thomas moment.  Thankfully, most of the sodomy laws and such have been set aside.  And, you just may be lovely in leather and see your bedroom go viral.  (Note: not the CDC type viral)

With the ISP’s taking part in penalizing assumed pirates without due process, this is more an incremental takeover of our lives than ground breaking.  To think that something like this is even being considered shows the arrogance of monopolistic companies.  With the NSA already collecting all phone calls to “protect” us, why wouldn’t this be even better than all those street based cameras?

Aldus Huxley was an optimist.

Don’t believe me?

  1. June 14th, 2012 at 13:33 | #1

    “beyond… well this could end up longer than War and Peace one of Rob’s blogs.”

    He he he he

  2. June 14th, 2012 at 17:05 | #2

    Longer than, but less discussion of female body parts.

  3. June 14th, 2012 at 17:25 | #3

    Cable TV – It’s Comcastic.  What more will these people think of?  Is there no one with half a modicum of common sense that can tell one of these nimrods that just because we have the ability to do something doesn’t mean we should do something?

  4. June 14th, 2012 at 18:18 | #4

    It might be longer than one of my blog posts, it would probably have less references to female anatomy.

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