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Tis always the season

Holidays, birthdays, house warmings, and so it goes; it is the season of giving.  When I am feeling flush/kind/whatever, I’ll throw a few more buck in my Kiva account.  It an outgrowth of the micro loan business that transformed so many in India.  

I made a loan today.  It was to a country that isn’t our BFF — Ecuador. Governments may feud but people to people we do OK and this is my little bit to foster that today.

I am a bit embarrassed.  I could do more.  How often have I said that?  Here is my portfolio and it is smaller than a reasonable buy-in for a tournament.

Well, I’ve gifted a couple of them.  I sent one to Otis’ son from The Tooth Fairy.  I sent one to another person that ended up frustrating me.  That person was disappointed that they couldn’t just give the money to what they considered the needy.  That completely missed what an economic boon loans and their need for repayment is.  It is how we have our homes, business, success.  If we could do more of this and less in the giving we’d see better long term results.  And, we’d even make a modest profit from it.

While visiting the site today, I looked at my modest stats.  I’ve made a dozen loans and seven were repaid and gave me capital to institute another loan to help another.  That is the magic of capitalism.  I’m sure Otis’ boy has repaid and reloaned and so the true gift continues.

The sad part about my stats are the number of invites from me that were accepted.  That is zero.  This is at least the second time I have done it in a blog — maybe four or so.   I even set up the thing the last time so those who weren’t members could have their first $25 gifted to their account to get started.  A donor knowing how the success of these loans pyramid is picking up the tab.  He knows what my one friend ignores — loans trump gifts.

So, if you haven’t a Kiva account, click on the link below.  It will set you up with $25 to loan to the client of your choice.  Feel the glow!

Free Start-up Funding at Kiva

OK, I am going to assume you’ve clicked and registered.  Here is another site that will make it easier to decide who to make your first loan to.  It lets you search their database and enter parameters to detail your risk:reward in a manner you decide.  Hey, more fun!  I’d suggest shorter term loans to keep the loaning ratio up at the start.

Kiva Search Engine

The first link utalized counts as a successful invite.  I want that zero gone.  If you can’t take a minute to use the link and aren’t already a Kiva member, please remove my feed from your reader.  I am really not saying anything that would interest you.

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  1. June 21st, 2012 at 10:52 | #1

    Ecuador?  In honor of the guy from Wiki-Leaks who is seeking asylum at their embassy in London?

  2. June 21st, 2012 at 11:14 | #2

    Wolfshead,  I really thought hard about that. But Kiva is about people to people and I decided to leave the Mr. Leaks stuck in a 3rd world location.  I decided they’d probably see less help in normal channels if we pull the help plug on them. So, the women shouldn’t have to pay for the dip___s in her government.  Goodness knows we’d be in even more trouble if those standards wer applied to us.

  3. June 21st, 2012 at 21:23 | #3

    I first heard about Kiva from Cardgrrls’ blog. I made a small donation, printed out the e-mail they sent me as documentation and had a tax decution. Help someone, feel good = win/win. I wasn’t aware I could say who to make the loan to, I let Kiva do that. They occasionally send me an e-mail, but don’t spam me or anything. A worthwhile experience.

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