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Hot Times

Well, the temp here sits at 99.  The AC is wheezing away, fortunately.  It has been quite a year so far.  I am thankfully cool in one respect.  In another, I am hot.  Really hot.

I am stupid.  I knew better.  I figured not me.  Yeah, like I have Teflon skin.

This morning I got a call.  My hearing that isn’t great.  Having an Indian accent (or any accent) exacerbates that.  They were calling to confirm my computer purchase.  Only problem was that I wasn’t the buyer.  Yep my credit card got compromised.

I am pretty sure I know when/how it happened.  That isn’t much help at this point.  I sent the info in an email.  Email is not secure but I had a relationship with the company so I figured I could sneak it through.  I was wrong.

Don’t be dumb like me.  Don’t ever send sensitive info in an email.  EMAIL IS NOT SECURE!!! DUH!

All this couldn’t be happening at a worse time.  I am doing some remodeling.  I put some big (for me anyway) charges on the credit card.  I’d even gotten the credit limit doubled to accommodate the operation.

On the good side, it looks like the two charges for just over $1K each were still pending and the dirty rat bastard won’t get his two big chunks of electronic toys.

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    It’s a jungle out there.

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