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Out of your Misery

This will be the final post in the series about blogging alternatives.  (Cheering dies down)  At least one guy tried the interface for WordPress and changed the blog title.  I hope he tried some of the other neat features.  Let’s refer to him as Leisure Suit Larry

The other feature we didn’t talk about is the actual server account that allow you to manage, backup and perform a multitude of functions.  It is a bit involved at the options level.  You get a ton of features.  Wikipedia has some generic stuff about it.  This is a tutorial of the standard features.  The site adds a bunch and that includes the software like WordPress.   While the tutorial is nice, the sites offer a little video in almost every screen that explain what is going on and what you can accomplish there.   To quote a recent, new guru linked above, “Easy Peasy”

One thing that may be a concern is all the old stuff.  You may want to bring it along although Blogger will happily maintain the archive and you can put a tab on your home page to access it.  If you want it on the new site, there are addons that will process the file Blogger archived for you.

There is the obvious extra effort to get this going.  I won’t minimize that.  But, I do want to say that I find the huge number of addons available a real plus.  It is kind of like a smart phone ap store.  There is something that will address every interest and need.  The example I’ll use is comment management.  I don’t know what you spam looks like but mine can get huge.  Early on I saw over 100 spam items waiting.   I picked up two addons to address that.  Here is the results:

Akismet has protected your site from 4,171 spam comments already.
There’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.

Stop Spammer Registrations has prevented 48418 spammers from registering or leaving comments.

I am amazed at the various solutions that people use to avoid spam.  Some of them are pretty annoying to the users.  The first time you posted here, it needed my approval.  WordPress then stored the IP address you used.  So, if you comment from home and office, I’ve approved your address twice and from there on you comment and it immediately is shared.

That makes your visit a pleasant one.  As the webmaster, all that spam can get daunting as the numbers above show.  The SSR one works from multiple databases for known spam addresses and catches the bulk of them.  The first works on content.  It does hold them for deletion which I do when I see them but it is an infrequent occurrance with the other one active.  It is all pretty much automated and there are no annoying ‘captcha’ moments and the comments don’t go on hold.

OK, there is an effort up front to this setup.  But, it really can make your blogging experience more fulfilling and enjoyable with the customized, personalized setup you end up with.

Try it; you’ll like it.


Storm came through overnight.  Started about 11 and lots of thunder with brief electric outages.  End up with 3″ of welcome rain.   Windows can be open today which wasn’t expected with another scorcher predicted.  AC is off and I am enjoying a light breeze and a temp in the low 70’s.  Hope it lasts the day.

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