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Spam and SEO

I said I was done with the series on building a site for fun and profit.  I am although readers of this post may disagree.  It is also about something I know very little about.  Have I ever let that stop me?  The earlier post noted that I get a lot of spam — over 50,000 and counting.  The reason probably has to do with SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  That is an evil world.

I got a spam today that is typical.

May i only state that of a relief to find somebody who truly is aware what they are speaking about on the net. You need to learn how to bring a worry to be able to mild and earn it important. Lots more people should check this out and appreciate this facet with the history. I cannot feel you are not widely used because you undoubtedly possess the reward.

My guess is that this French guy ran something that makes sense in French through one of the translators and possibly had a guy on an Indian phone support site check it out.   WordPress is nice because it has a feature to let you view the site he pimping without even giving him a legit page hit.  No link for you, bad boy.

The holy grail of all this is Page Rank.  Google computes it using an undisclosed algorithm. The value appears exponential.  They have said they calculate the “quality” of the link.  They’re anal and puritanical in their methods — that is known.  When I went to work blogging the site assigned pokerperambulation.pokerworks.com and Google went bananas.  The fact that it wasn’t pokerworks.com/pokerperambulation got the site put on the black list.  That is serious when the reason for the site is all about SEO.   Even the pros at all this blow it.

Most of the folks I follow and who have been kind enough to give me a link are PR=2/10.  Based on that and the “quality” it is hard for me or any site to climb higher.  You’d need an Iggy who still carries a PR=5/10 to link.  That be 8 or 16 times better than an average link.  (Yes, he hasn’t posted in a year but he was there in the glory days and that didn’t go away.)  As an aside, he did my boss a favor and linked to me when I started.  That was the most page views I have ever got — close to 2K. 

There are other ranking systems out there.  One often used because the advertiser gets greater access is MozRank.  Mine is 3.68.  It supposedly emulates Google without the penalties Google assigns.  Alexia also provides a ranking and says how popular you are.  I’m in the 500K area but was in the 300K area when I started.  My page views have been fairly consistent over the time frame so the decline my be due to the growth of sites.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you aren’t any more confused than I am.  SEO in a nutshell is all about link.  Bloggers want link and try to beg, borrow or steal to get them.  I don’t recall begging and never traded.  The links here are as honest as I can make them.  I read the link and try to weed out those who have gone quiet.  The reason is that “quality” thing.   They calculate the value of the links here based on my supposed quality which is then divided by the number of links on the page.  If you get a link from a link monkey with a endless list of link, it is next to valueless.

I said I don’t understand or really care about ranking.  I don’t but I evidently do something right.  I just saw $150 arrive in my Paypal account and I have another inquiry.  I haven’t made as much over the course of this blogs life to match a single months pay for blogging but it manage to pay the overhead and provide some mad money.  And, seeing this says it is a poker blog, I can rationalize  the revenue into my poker winning, right? Since Black Friday those have tanked.

So there you have a bit of the economics and silliness that brings revenue to a site.  Is it worth it?  Hardly. But, it does massage the ol’ ego.


The market is opening as I am finishing this.  I am down more than the Paypal largess.  Easy come. Easy go.  Thank goodness I don’t have to include the recent market in my win/loss record for gambling.

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  1. July 20th, 2012 at 08:25 | #1

    I might be going up to The Shoe for a day-long poker session on Saturday.

    btw — My Google Page Rank was actually up to 3 before Black Friday. Don’t know what I did to raise it or what made it go back down, outside of different traffic, of course.

  2. July 20th, 2012 at 08:32 | #2

    I’d enjoy doing lunch and catching up, if you’re interested.  Hit me with an email.

    It is hard to tell why PR moves.  Mine went from a 2 to a 1 about the time I put up an ad.  It came back after about 90 days which is typical when you hit a Google penalty box.  Traffic doesn’t really seem to affect rank.  Iggy still has a 5 and the site has been moribund for a couple of years.

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