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Knowing it when you see it

The NCAA came out with the penalties for Penn State.   You can see them here.  We’ve been through a lot of obscenity here.  The actions of a host of people who should have known better showed the avarice and greed that can permeate higher bracket college athletics.

What those at Penn Stated did is an obscenity.

The above link to the NCAA  actions points to an obscenity.

The fines will penalize the student, the athletes, the tax payers.  $60-mil will come from somewhere at a time were every state institution faces hard choices.

The NCAA says this was done maintain its regard for the “student athelete” and that is pure lip service.  There won’t be as many scholarships available.  Those that played there during the period where the win/loss records are being expunged are being cheated.

The whole system that the NCAA prides itself on is one small step ahead of the actions of Sandusky.  Both have had their own version of reality.

Everyone involved reminds me of the holier than thou folks at church — talking the talk better than walking the walk  No halos to be seen.

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  1. July 23rd, 2012 at 15:35 | #1

    An awful lot of self-serving crapola is coming from the same group that sometimes disciplines athletes for the most trivial of matters … while their organization continues to keep the mega-bucks roling in and the athletes little more than serfs.

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