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Day 5

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I watched the WSOP last night.  Striking!  Left me wondering why any of us ever play poker.  Yes, it was edited to show the “drama” of poker; but really.OK, confession time.  I was snoozy and not really watching closely.  An hour later as the news rolled I succumbed and woke up at at 12:30.   Hey, I’m old and at least can brag i got a good nights sleep after the old person move.

Getting it in good did about as poorly for many as it does for you and me — especially me.  That’s a lie but we’ll share it like its gospel.  There were decisions that were made that could set off a blogdom furor.  Well, granted, it doesn’t take much to do that.

What did get to me was some of the bigger stack gambles.  I’ve long felt that the old M=10 isn’t the real level.  That is ingrained in many minds.  It can’t even scare  some girl playing JT.  People need to think about aggression much earlier.  But there were people doing it with 100BB.   Is that what got them to day 5?  If it is, then luck does trump skill.

I saw some winning hands folded and admired that more than some call with K9 — regardless of outcome.  Dave’s been anguishing a bit about “opening up his game” and last night certainly showed some positive and negative results for that.   Double edged swords are required in poker.  But, it did seem last night that more were falling on there’s than seeking survival.

There was at least a edited/reported tendency toward big pot poker.  It does skew the reality.  But, it did seem we were left with processing too many mental farts.

The FBI guy was as obscure as ever.  I guess if we had access to reruns and slo-mo he’d make more sense.

I thought the “slow roll” bit was contrived.  Yes, he put the cards over his head and brought them down with drama.  But, he was mimicking his opponent who had shown just before with the overhead move.  Just looked like two guys with TVitis.


I see the results of the price fixing scheme being adjudicated is showing results.  The online book stores are back to discounting titles.  Either killing trees is amazingly cheap or they are all still showing much better margins selling e-book version.

If you have a reader, check the local library system.  Many are providing e-book loans. The publishers tried to ax that too.  But, there are good titles out there you can pick up for free.

OK, had my fun with the mislink above that should have this person arrive here steaming.  What can I say?  I owed Sparky a link.  Even when I am doing my thing.

Out of my way you young punks

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  1. September 12th, 2012 at 08:14 | #1

    A few months ago, I tried to buy an e-book on Amazon and it cost more than the paperback version. Gimme a break!

  2. September 12th, 2012 at 09:51 | #2

    I figured there must be a reason …

  3. September 12th, 2012 at 10:01 | #3

    Always a reason, Sparky; not always a good one.  I didn’t have a maze so this had to do.

    @Dave  The publishers went to agency pricing which was the old deal of manufactures going beyond suggesting a retail.  Amazon played it up and that was the result.  The courts struck it down with only one of them still appealing.  But, now that things are “normal”, are they low enough.  Of course we remember paperback at .25 to .50.  Don’t remember any successful authors needing food stamps.  Remember the girl across the street that work for a publishing company that become known on The Late Show?  Letterman?  It played for quite a while because she didn’t have a clue about business but had her own office.

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