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I am always amazed with what the Internet offers.  I keep running into oddities that I’d like to share but they really don’t make a blog.   Good Twitter items but I don’t do Twitter.  There are several that I’ve run across or wanted to talk about.  So, for better or worse…

Last night I was watching PBS and a weird item was mentioned.  The Rodenator!  It was an aside about a neighbor that hated rats and Nelson Algren.  The nonsequator aspect got my interest and I thought of our poker buddy, Farmer Patrick.   So, drop 3-6 very large and blast them varmints.  That neighbor mentioned was weirder than I’d thought.

The Internet is viewed by advertisers as another way into our pockets.  Of course, traditional print is struggling against it.  So, the CW TV network did something wildly weird in an issue of Entertainment Weekly.  They actually installed a working cell phone with a video screen in an issue.  Honest!  A site disassembled the page and actually made an outgoing call over the Sprint network.   Talk about smart phones getting ready to approach throwaway status!   Take a gander.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program:

Hopefully you read the blog about the cheapo tablet I was ordering.  It is still on the boat.  I thought I’d talk about a high end version that packs a lot of wallop. It is in the latest and greatest category.  Amazon has them along with the site mentioned in this video

This represents a Jack of all Trades item and looks like it can master them to boot.  You may recall that I bought one of the first generation Google TV units — a discontinued Logitech Revue.  It isn’t great.  The software wasn’t ready for prime time.  It is dedicated to use as a “smart” TV unit.   The tablet above almost does the same thing.  What is missing with this tablet is it fitting into the  TV tuner chain.  It hooks to a separate HDMI connection to provide smart TV.  This is one of the few tablets that has HDMI capability AND a Bluetooth capability.  When you add a cheap Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad, you can sit on the couch and run the tablet as a network device or game system.

So, you can spend the day/commute/activities with your trusty tablet along.  You arrive home and plug it into the charger and TV.  You can watch History, A&E, and whatever shows on demand.  You can log into your Netflix etc. and view those selections.

Think about what you thought was State of the Art a short time back.  The goal posts are moving at an alarming rate.   In a tablet that’ll fit in one’s pocket, you have option on option.  My first computer didn’t even do graphics and I had so much over $1000 in it I am embarrassed to go on.  This thing runs $149-$189 from various sources.  What is packed in this little item would have taken a sturdy shelf and a large wallet and still missed all its features.  With the addition of a 3 or 4G dongle, you can even watch on the fly.

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