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We all know those big words that end in IAN.  Often they are associated with Greek heroes that come with fatal flaws.  Helmuthian flaws seem beyond the singular.  But, credit where credit is due.

He won a WSOP Europe title this week.  You may need to turn up your hearing aid for it but the poker world is abuzz. Shamus gives some interesting perspectives.  Grange adds more perspective.

Now that you’ve gottan a Hellmuthian giggle from reading two guys who write better than I do, What can I add?

That revolves around the whole bracelet silliness.  It is one of the few non-fading rewards associated with playing poker.  They came about starting with the second WSOP — the first award was a Gold Cup to Johnny Morris.  I think he complained that he wanted it on his wrist but had to hang the bling from a gold chain on his neck like Mr T.  Binion fix that the following year with the first awarded to the main event winner.  Cup or bracelet it was a main event thing and that resulted in value due to exclusivity.

With over 60 awarded this year in Vegas alone and then awarding them all over Europe, exclusivity has fallen by the wayside.   So, what is the real record and should there be a non-drug related asterisk?  (Sorry Stewie!)

Mr. Hellmuth is big on records.  If one he could qualify for isn’t presently awarded, he’ll point out the mistake.  You may argue his poker skills; you cannot argue his ego.  The only bigger whore in all this is Harrahs (now Caesar’s) who distributes bracelets like Cracker Jack distributes prizes.

Ok, Phil … you da man!   Whoopee!  Now lets put an arrow in his heel and see if he limps.


Anybody coming to the circuit event at the Horseshoe Hammond?  It kicks off for 10 days starting October 11th.  I’ve never even gone to watch and thought I might.  Be nice to meet someone for lunch or such.

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