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Pass the Oil Can

November 8th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I found out I am rusty — very rusty.   I played a bit of poker on FullTilt 2.0.  Yesterday, was more like a senior moment as I played some Stud 8B on a Stud Hi table — kinda -EV, what?  What can I say; I have done it in the past at times and I was rusty/excited to play a bit.  Today, it got better.  I managed to find the right table.

I sat at a short-handed Stud8B table; yes, it was the right table.   It is my third trip to the felt — god, we are clichés — and started trying to get it more right than wrong.  That’s always been a work in process for the dedicated.   Play hasn’t been really, really bad as opposition goes.  It may be that Stud isn’t quite the fish pond that Hold’em engenders.

With short-handed play, it is easier to play the looser game.  And, I have never taken play money too seriously.  I did chase more than normal and lookup at times for the chuckle.  That said I walked away with a nice win.  In the luck V skill argument,  skill slipped back a notch.  Well, I said I was rusty and that was certainly the case.

I looked for some tournaments.  Saw a HORSE that plays in daylight and a HEROS — the new idea to mix the stud style games in non-consecutive fashion.   The stud tournaments seemed to be running on Euro time frames — bummer.  But, do I really want to play that long for funny money?  Not sure.   I’ve never understood the goal of becoming a play money millionaire.  Maybe because it is so hard to take it seriously given the competition and my loosened up play.  Even pennies mean something if you’ve got them in play.  Play money is like those reality show that pretend they aren’t scripted.

I wonder why the former US facing sites that are now “legal” don’t put on some games that award player points. They don’t have to give away the farm — ha. It’d give U.S. players something a bit more than you can get otherwise.  Whats a few coffee mugs or key chains going to poker’s second class citizens?


Yesterday was nasty for the stock market?  It shouldn’t have been such a shock.  I guess it was the “sell on the news” mentality in action.  Today isn’t a rebound either.    Well, earnings are taking their hit in this cycle in the confession booth — more clichés.  The laws are getting more and more skewed against  profit and growth.  Not shocking and it looks like that’s on tap for the future.

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  1. November 8th, 2012 at 15:34 | #1

    It feels good to play again, rust bucket aside, right?

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before evrrything is back to normal.

  2. November 9th, 2012 at 07:28 | #2

    Yes, it did; at least it did to a point.  Play money seems so hollow.  That’s funny because I have never played “big” and I’d only do larger buyin with a ticket.  With rake and everything, being profitable is more a state of mind than economic benefit.   I got you to swap me that hundred on UB.  I drug $200 and had about $300 from more than a year of play.  No real financial meaning (maybe $1/day avg) but I felt an accomplishment.  Here it is just watching how others play more than challenging the play.

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