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What goes around…

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Poker’s ecosystem is filled with characters.  And ,we can laud the most unlikely of those characters.  Rhyme? Reason? Well, lets lump it all under colorful.  Colorful covers every clown from Kelly to Gacie.  It is easy at times to mix them up.  Then you have  to backtrack, apologize, or run like hell; we all hate that.

So, the latest is a petition to bar Howard Lederer from some casinos.  Not sure what’ll be next.  Maybe moving the TSA into casinos to make us all safer.

When I think about it and think about my Libertarian leanings, it could be conflicting.  Conflicting is something we are all good at.   We end up with protectionist laws and rules that mascaraed as laws.  So, I’d be going against the views I see as mine.   We could ban him and then go down the list.  Chris come next?  Rafe’s a sure candidate.  Hell we could go through a whole list of owners that made crappy decisions as they pocketed the gilt.  They’re all clammed up like the lawyers suggest — save Howard who either has a crappy lawyer or thinks he can con a conman on his average day.

Some of the laws that cover this are already abusive and have escaped the scope of the intent.  Now we want to extend that to private business?  Haven’t the casinos long stacked the deck as to rights?  Ask any card counter if you doubt me.  The laws of Nevada have long favored special interests.  That goes back farther than current rights  abusers.  Las Vegas even publishes books detailing people denied access.

What might work on a Vegas vacation hopefully isn’t the norm.  But, watching how “money laundering” and RICO impact everyday folks, we might as well throw Howard under the casino limo too.  The fact is that limiting others makes limiting us easier and easier. How do we keep missing that?

Hell, lets throw every invective we can come up with at Howard and friends.  Deserved or not — I’m game for trashing them.  Shun? Sure, if it works for the Amish…  But, lets leave the petitions to California and the White House site’s citizen participation.   That will prove the race is the thinking one.  Hey, maybe that is the real problem.


Continuing the “How the mighty have fallen” category:   The Lance Armstrong Foundation will henceforth be known as Livestrong Foundation.   Sadly, there is no Canseco Foundation to rename.


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  1. November 20th, 2012 at 01:21 | #1

    I say let Howard play.  He will get the lashings he deserves from players at the table.  Plus, he is good for the games!  He will bring more players, and he isn’t very good himself!

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