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Spell it for me

December 9th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

OK, I know it is P-O-K-E-R, wiseacre.  But, the Feds have taken it away and I kinda miss it.  So, today’s blog goes under the category vicarious. Thanks, Rob.

As the count says,  “Take the A Train” and I really mean A-game.  Rob was worried he was the aging Vegas regular with a rote game.  Some of the time we’re all that.  Too much splashing makes you all wet.

Rob made a variation on the post oak bluff.  That normally a bit smaller but the purpose was there.  You are playing a hand you want to see more cards with and make a freezing bet that you’re trying to foist off on the gullible as a value bet.   When he got reraised, that made it a failed post oak bet.

Every hand history published in a blog shares a common feature — the answer isn’t clear cut. Clicking on the link will prove that.   Rakewell’s analysis is spot on.  I like the corollaries better than the meat but that because they are points often missed.

I think one misses a bit when it says don’t move on the better players.  They are the one facing the bigger decision.   I liked my point which is not to be predictable and that calls for an investment that isn’t as assured as a value bet.

We talk about taking the money from Donks, Fish, or your favorite put down.  Yes, but the next level means leaving behind a rote approach.  Rob is trying to do that.  Now that we are done laughing — sorry Rob, but too attractive a cheap shot.  Anyway, we grow our game by increments and this was incremental growth.

The reason to read about it isn’t the cards or the outcome.  It is all the questions you need to answer or give the educated guess at what might work in a situation.  Hindsight colors the answer.  The best question is where was I most right/wrong and how might that have been changed or varied.  That is the fun part and it is also usually a you had to be there answer.  So, look at Rakewell’s bit and see a player a step above Rob’s current matriculation.  Listen up!  I said matriculate and not that pastime that sounds like it.

Nicely done Rob.  Not perfect but heading in the right direction.  We should all envy/emulate that. P-O-K-E-R, right?

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  1. December 10th, 2012 at 14:35 | #1

    I think you made a mistake with matriculation. The alternative would have sounded better and was probably at least a tad more correct.

  2. December 10th, 2012 at 15:15 | #2

    For someone who is so professionally involved with matriculating, you seem rather cocky.

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