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Paradigm Shifting

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Paradigm is one of those super neat words we can use to make people think we are smarter and more with it than truth would support.  Like …  “Wow he said paradigm!  He must be smart and successful.  Even if he can’t get a date he looks happy.”  Then comes the corollary — another power word — “Hey, I’ve got a girl friend and am neither happy or successful. Duhh, WTF”

We are in one of those paradigm shift thingies.  It is about the new cloud computing.   It spells doom for the PC, right?  Well, I don’t think so.  Tools progress and die back.  Hey, even buggy whips are still around.  It is just not generating the talk it might have before steam came along.  I remember the first channel changer that didn’t involve yelling at one of the kids.  It used sound waves and wasn’t great but beat having to get out of the recliner.  My current hi-tech, Logitech that I program via a USB port isn’t that far removed from that old clunker.  It too is on its way out as the next generation uses your cell phone and voice to act like an actual Star Trek tool.   Instead of “Spock to Captain” we’ll hear “Dancing with the Stars” or “Discovery Channel”.

It is all about convenience that they say the PC is leaving us.   But, truthfully, the PC was never about convenience.  User friendly?  Please.   What it is is a tool that empowers us to do things that in the past were painful or impossible.  Many of those became aps on a telephone, true.   But all this is just a version of the TV clicker — repackaging.  So, while many love their “smart phone” it does show weak areas that send us right back to a keyboard and mouse.

My first “portable” computing device weighed 30# and was barely movable — like an over-packed suitcase needing wheels that hadn’t been invented for such devices yet.  It true that there is more power in last years phone than that monstrosity had.   Speaking of wheels,  there is a saying about not reinventing the wheel.  That may be what all this hoopla about clouds boils down to.   Even a lovely lady from the east that I know does so much on a machine that terrifies her.  Fact is it has become indispensable for work and play.  That is the baby you aren’t going to throw out with the bath water — lame bit but anther fun saying.

We are all hearing about the rush to put our data on the Internet.  That isn’t true.  Small business doesn’t need to.  Their stuff is bought and paid for and in their relatively secure control.  Mega companies have rushed to do at least a lot of things in “the cloud” because it fits their far-flung business.  Secure?  Maybe.  But they have to work at that with some smart guys always monitoring.  For you, me, or the average small entity; it is like putting our wallet on another guys dresser instead of our own.  That involves more luck than reason.

The world is a monitored place.   Orwell is starting to look like an optimist.   This isn’t a time for other than the naive to look for a less trustworthy place to store info that can get them into trouble.  And face it, there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t have some piece of info that can get them into trouble that they don’t even know about.   Did you pay your taxes properly?  Hell, you can’t even lift the book that holds all those regulations.  If they want ya, they got ya.

All this isn’t new technology or anything inventive.  It is a natural progression that  moves from one era to the next at glacial pace — even as those affect think it is a massive paradigm shift.  (Need to get that beaut in one more time.)  Computers are around to stay.  Keyboards are around to stay.  We won’t need every current service with either but we’re dependent on them for even this stupid blog.   (If you take a tablet or phone or whatever and attach a keyboard to it and then a bigger monitor, you just built what we currently call a fairly crappy computer.)


Here’s a fun fact.  Anything put in the cloud stays in the cloud like a Vegas trip.  Clouds are just service companies and the thing that terrifies them is losing data that lawyers and judges place large values on.  They want to find old and now lost stuff.  So does the IRS.  Where I mentioned that above, think about it for a small business that knows that even total honesty can’t save it.   Now put all that info where somebody can either get it or hack it because it is out there in the cloud.  All this worry is only a matter of degrees.  Big companies have audits that make them hide thing under and not on the table.  They don’t care who comes calling on the cloud.  For you and me, forgetaboutit.

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  1. February 1st, 2013 at 16:57 | #1

    “Orwell is starting to look like an optimist. ”
    Nice statement and how true it is.

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