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March 31st, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I mean Happy Easter.  Shouldn’t get fancy; I am easily confused these days.  I read Bastion/Spot’s blog this morning and was reminded of a couple of things.In Spot’s corner of the Internet,
I told him about the last time I was in church — that was 1960.  Actually, it is about the Sunday after that event.  I was sitting on my bunk getting ready for church.  I was the only one awake.  It was a special barracks for the recently arrived and we were still part of basic training.  I was putting on my shoes and the Charge of Quarters walked in.  He the “executive in charge” when the real people are snoring.  He said his CQ runner hadn’t shown and being the only one awake and already in uniform, I was it.  God could wait; he needed coffee.
I told Spot I figured that God had decided to work a better relationship between us — mano e mano.  That has worked out well over the years.
As a kid, I attended a parochial school that has me still in recovery — lots of fire and brimstone.  Over the years I had deduced a different relationship — more liaise faire. It seems to have worked out.  I figure he want us to be a nice person.  I try — and I fail at that too often.  Hopefully, if there is an afterlife, I will avoid hot coals.
That still means I keep some respect for that first half hour each morning in Lutheran grade school.  That was tested this past week by an unlikely source.  Otis over at rapideyereality posted about being gay and the political side of that.  I thought it’d be nice to share another view.  Boy was I wrong as a blogging buddy said, “Man, you must have been hit with the stupid stick to post.”   As it turned out, he was too perceptive. At least he let me know I wasn’t the troll Otis inferred.
I was really happy I got that email.  After all, Otis had been media — with that fair and impartial imprimatur and was making me into white trash.  I was getting close to moving into a trailer down by the river. And, I’ve avoided having to visit Bigots R Us to have to pick up a new wife beater — I think.
So, anyway, guys: no overt  bunny rabbiting today; and, Ladies: Keep your eggs in the basket.
I’m writing this off line to avoid more lost posts.  The change is happen ok.  It is just a lot of eye dotting and trying to get a tech that isn’t avoiding working that day.

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