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Well, the visitors to the site aren’t (hopefully) noticing anything different.  It looks just like it did in days past.  But, you aren’t arriving at the same place.  My server is with a different provider.  This is the one I went with after the horror of blogging and trying to work with GoDaddy.  I was happy with the site.  The reason I left is that the wanted to raise my rate about double.  We argued; I lost; they lost me as a customer.

I left before the other site expired over support issues.   Blogging on Blogger is in some ways a lot easier than with this setup.   The difference is in services.  If you’ve used Firefox, you know what that is about.  It has plugins that offers added features.  WordPress is the blogging software I use and the variety of added service using plugins is huge.  Whatever you are looking for seems there.  You have the ability to have themes.  Mine is pretty vanilla but fit my idea for look and feel.  You can get a lot fancier.

I used this setup when I blogged for one of the PokerNews sites.  There I wrote with an editor that I liked on my local computer and then did a drag and drop to post.  Here, I could select a different editor and write online.  You have control of editing features similar to any of the modern versions.  The top looks like this:

To show this I used the Windows screen capture and pasted the results.  I then made it smaller to fit the page better. Movement from my computer to the server editing is transparent.

Another plugin that save me a lot of grunt work is a spammer capture plugin.  It prevented almost 75K spams from even appearing on the site.  Here’s a bit about that

Javascript Trap 0 SFS database 1953 HTTP_REFERER 315 Disposable email 0 Red Herring 0
DSNBL database 2 Ubiquity Servers 20 Akismet 8 Spam Words 0 Session speed 0
Long email 1 Missing Agent 0 Blocked TLD 0 Blocked Email Domain 0 Cached Bad IP 11247
Cached Bad Email 211 Project Honeypot 37 Botscout 112 Black List Email 0 Long Author Name 6
Black List IP 0 Bad Accept Header 9 Passed 397 White List 14 In Good Cache 1628

I captured the text from the server site and it to was pasted and the editor recognized it as a table and used that formatting.  You can see that it does quite a bit of validating when you try to post a comment here.  It is all in the background and I don’t have much work to keep the spammers out.

At the bottom of the blog you see related links and those are put there automatically with another plugin.

This might seem to techie for some.  It isn’t really.  You pick or search for feature you want and WordPress brings it to your software automatically.  You don’t like it?  Just delete it and try a different one.

So, I made the move with only minor annoyances.  I backed up the other server and restored it here.  It took one minor change that I easily found by searching for “404 error” in the WordPress forum where you can get help with something you want to do or with a problem you are having.

What does this cost?  Actually, it seems ridiculously cheap.  I bought 3-years for $117.  You may have noticed a blog with a link to a commercial site the other day.  I got $100 for that blog.  And that isn’t the only one.  I probably get 3-6 a year for a bit of profit overall.  For some reason the SEO seekers who pay for the link don’t like using blogger.  I don’t know exactly why but that is the case.

So, the blog is simple and powerful to use but there is the server and that is just like having another computer and that might seem daunting.  It runs a version of Unix — Apache Linux.  There you just enter the domain name (comes with the fee) into a script and it sets up WordPress or other blogging system.  It can also set up chat, forums and whatever including a site to sell your crafts, pictures, painting, whatever.  You also get your own email server that is linked to your blog.  And, you aren’t limited to a single domain so could have another domain with your family name as I do.  (kenATprevoDOT.orgSPAMNOT)

That’s a bit of info about the move and why I have things setup the way they are.  There are demo/sample programs on the sites selling this.  You can actually play a bit with the setup to see if you are comfortable with it.  The site I’m on is at justhost.com and you can look there or many others.  Then visit wordpress.org and you can see plugins and themes and all the features.

There’s even a plugin for correcting the problems created when I slept through Composition 101. It points all all the hidden verb errors, needed hyphens and such.  Of course I ignore most of them and you probably note.


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    I mention how few wanted to pay for ads for those on blogger.  I was looking at my webmaster tools on Google and found the traffic section can report top 100 links.  blogspot.com is the top link.  What doesn’t get shown/reported is any of you that have given me links as individual.  e.g. I don’t have a link, as such, from lightning36 etc.  Grrouchie is in the top group.  Dave isn’t.  as so on.

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