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Its Back

April 30th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

That would be poker.  With little hoopla, Station Casinos Nevada site went live at noon.  I was there and it seemed underwhelming. Not sure what I was expecting. It wouldn’t let me register — no surprise. It did let me watch. It said starting time was noon Eastern, but they were playing a few minutes early.

Well two tables were playing a 1-2 and a .50-1. A couple showed up later for .10-.20. You’d think there might have been a few more out in farm/ranch country that would have wanted to kick it off — but, no. It sure wasn’t drawing Nevada players in the droves.

The software looked decent. Although it took forever to access the WWW location, the play is snappy. But, my old TRS-80 could probably handle 3 tables.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority were shills. One of the players was VPBrands — not your non-corporate name selection. One of the other players was Ken — quite an admirable choice indicating true class.

Terrence Chan is associated with the site and has blogged a bit about being back in the poker site rat race. I am shocked he let them use “Ultimate Poker” for their name. Just too close to Ultimate Bet and, to make things worse, their main pro is Antonio and he was associated with UB. If I were a NV resident, I be there in a flash trying to get the handle SuperUser.


  • Table 6-9  — no heads up
  • .05-10 thru 5-10 Limit  | .05-.10 thry $3-6 NL
  • 50 BB max buyins across the board
  • All Hold’em tables

.10-20 thru

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  1. Dave MOJO
    April 30th, 2013 at 12:10 | #1

    well, it’s a start.

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