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Well, I played some poker with something between cash and play money.  I downloaded Bovada.  The last time I played there it was Bodog.   I last really used it to move a lot of money off of Daniel’s site.   I was able to transfer it there.

So, not having looked at the site since all the anonymous stuff, I downloaded the software and actually found my old logon info.  Took a look at the cashier and had $0.21 but also had 420 points.  I invested 150 of them in a ticket for a ticket — be still my heart.

How long had it been since I played a 6-up Sit N Go?  Have to guess but 3-5 years is really in the ballpark.   How long since played Hold’em?   Well I remember winning a tournament on UB and then playing maybe twice more in tournaments.   In play money land,  I’ve only played stud because it is slightly less annoying.

OK, if you haven’t fallen asleep…there I was.  The software was as horrid as I remembered.  I never did see time left for a level — not sure if they bother.  About half the players were very good — at representing.  Didn’t have a clue on SnG success which is using the Mojo Method nitty-old-man-squared method early on.  You don’t want to get stupid early; I am more than adequate doing that late.

So, I quickly build my stack to  2200 and change.  And that’s where I languished.  83 was a very popular holding.  Once guy got to about 3500 and became table captain.  I managed several naked bluffs on him later.  That’s what n-o-m-2 does for you.  Didn’t build chips but didn’t shrink below about 1900.

So, the representers were no longer represented and the table captain guy got taken out and we were heads up and I was down about 4:1.  Managed to double up with a push of 44 against JQ with even seeing a 4 on the river against his unimproved.  Things were looking up and I was close to even.   Then I rivered two pair with a J9 and we got it in.  He’d been agro so I figured he had a possible overpair as the board showed the jack and the second high card was the river 9.   He had the 9-high straight and took the ticket and I exited wondering how some people can get KK.   That 44 had been the only pair I saw.

If I haven’t bored the crap out of you with all this, you’ve been a poker poor as I have since Black Friday.

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  1. May 14th, 2013 at 21:10 | #1

    “the representers were no longer represented ”
    That’s why n-o-m-2 works.

  2. May 21st, 2013 at 09:50 | #2

    I somehow did something to offend the Bovada poker gods some time ago. The beats I have taken there have been epic. I am tempted to deposit, but my run-bad there is really baaaaaad.

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