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Time and Perspective

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I posted this in a forum.  I thought it might interest some of you.  It is also trying to water the guilt of not posting.

I am out of touch.  No question.  A number of those in my age group here understand it full well.

In the summer an old horse-drawn cart with a canted bed came down our street selling produce.  The wagon was cobbled together and had mismatched wheel sets. The old man had a retard young man helping.  They both made an honest way and were respected. Today, the government would take charge by condemning the operation at multiple levels and then giving them aid.

We had a refrigerator but two doors down had an ice box and put a sign in the window on ice days.  Another horse wagon and a similar crew.  Government results would have been similar.  The people with the ice box had a gold star in their window and we kids avoided bothering them and our parent made sure we were very respectful.

I live in a city that billed itself the crossroads of America and that was still the age of steam.  A fresh winter snow would be black by noon.  Could the EPA shut that down? I doubt it.  So many troop trains.

There was the knife sharpener that came down the alley and the bums that showed up at our back door that my mother always fed.  In all that, in summer we played outside from morning to night without fear of being the 6 o’clock news lead.

What I just said is strange or weird to many of you.  You have no connection to it.  I can’t set it aside.  Yet, I ended up being a computer consultant before retirement.  Funny world.

We grandkids would always pester Grams and her sister to “Tell us about the good old days.” and darned if they didn’t sound quaint.

P.S.  I was born in 1940.  That was just before the austerity that the war engendered.  Honest, we didn’t get around in Conestoga wagon.  A few years later, things took off.  What I described didn’t last long but it is a memory.

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  1. August 28th, 2013 at 16:21 | #1

    “A number of those in my age group here understand it full well.”
    Huh? Understand what?
    Seriously, I’ve found this problem with aging: I have mucho trouble remembering people’s names whom I know well but haven’t seen for a year or so. I mean I can remember all kinds of details about them, but no name.

  2. August 28th, 2013 at 17:52 | #2

    Those of us who are young do not remember such things, Ken.
    Happy to see that Princess Josie inspired you to post. And as for feeding the bums, the last time I tried to get you to help with a bum, …  : o )

  3. August 29th, 2013 at 05:01 | #3

    @Sparky36  If you recall, when we met for the first time at Hammond and I saw how you were dressed, I fed you.  If you need me to accompany you to the Salvation Army as an apparel consultant, I be happy to offer this help.  Then we’ll go out and get you your own grocery cart.

    @Dave  I have always had problems with names. I don’t think that is all that indicative of anything.  But if you are anything like me, such little weaknesses raise a bit of concern.  I use to kill at Jeopardy and it bothered me that I just wasn’t getting it like I use to.  I figured out the questions were changing and it was the things the younger generation were most heavily involved with. The indicator for Altz is short term memory loss at the onset.

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