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Bloggers Now Annoying as…

January 19th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

[Drum Roll]  THE MEDIA.  Yes, we recently received mediaesque status in a case in the 9th Court of Appeals.  That court is reputed to be the most liberal of courts.  But, the line has become so blurred between Liberal and Conservative you have to go “What the hey?”.

What is being reported is the reversal on a blogger who bad mouthed a corporation and got sued.  Now the blogger reading this are (former?) poker bloggers.   Few suits have ever been brought in this area so most of us can seemingly ignore the finding.  But, it is nice in these days to see rights expanded instead of being shrunk by government fiat.

All this has little day to day impact on our lives.  But, it is an added protection that could be used by an attorney — should need warrant.  The regular media use it regularly in day to day situations.  Whose to say when you or I aren’t doing the same.  Especially since Black Friday, we blog about more topics an that new mix can serve to say we are media for other situations.  It would be a clouded issue but it is there for any good guy to claim.

If is never important to you, you can at least bad mouth Harrah’s with more impunity.

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