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Bird in Hand

February 28th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, I guess I made cycle one of the Full Tilt payout.   Huzzah!  Huzzah!

I only kept money on FT to play the occasional blogger.  And that was more to say hi than to pwn Sparky, Rob, Dave, et al.   I am not an evening player so the goal was always more for fun than ill got gain.

Today, $61.20 showed up in my bank account around the time I autopayed my Garbage & Sewer bill.  It didn’t quite cover it.  Helped put the refund in perspective though.

I did play the Seals whatever blogger tournament for funny money.  The software wasn’t totally klunky.  I manage to register with my old user name — RJSquirrel.   That is a homage to my favorite cartoon character — an overly optimistic, eratic flying squirrel who depends on luck rather than wit to conquer the bad guys.  That too puts things in perspective.  He lives in Frostbite Falls and I can also identify with that these days.

The funny money is called Bitcoin.  One of exchanges for it is Mt Gox.  It got hacked for millions and is going belly up as I type.  I think I’d just as soon put money at UB as a bitcoin setup.  A Chinese exchange shut down and another is accused of money laundering (Sound familiar?) and the electronic worth plummeted. See why I am about as willing to put money on it as UB?

I was at the table with Lightning36 but that wasn’t Sparky.  Rather is was some poser friend of his.  But, for the first time to play for even for funny money in a while, it was interesting freerollwise.  I got in my first major hand with AQs.  Hit the ace on the flop; got two pair on the turn; lost to the 10 that made AJ’s broadway straight.  Yup, I’d bet it to make for no pot odds to continue.

Same player and two more hands.  The first gave me a set of 6’s on the flop.  Again betting to make chasing the flush not worthwhile and, of course he/she/it chased and turned the flush.  I was deep enough that I had to play and rivered quads. I figures 7 out to make the boat but got the one outer to take back my previous loss and more.   Busted ’em a bit later.   There is a poker god.

Got into a hand with Rob that I played poorly.  My one AA for the game.  He 3X raised earlier with little left and I thought him pot committed.  My bad as my reraise to put him all in got the fold.  I should have slow played.

We had a table captain luck b0x.  One of those guys who shows naked bluffs and was always making near committing bets early.  That got me short stacked and I bet a weak ace into a pair of tens for the good night Irene.  I didn’t play as badly as I thought I would but didn’t nearly play as well as I once did — but that view might relate to Alzheimer’s.

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  1. February 28th, 2014 at 18:44 | #1

    I hope you enjoyed it. I couldn’t make it. Bitcoin? What the eff is that? I tried to google it and still don’t understand it.

  2. March 2nd, 2014 at 23:12 | #2

    “And that was more to say hi than to pwn Sparky, Rob, Dave, et al.”
    “I didn’t play as badly as I thought I would but didn’t nearly play as well as I once did”
    I shall reserve comment.  : o )

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