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Yall be careful out there

Last evening I watched a Frontline special : The United States of Secrets.   It was sad.  It provided the detail that we missed or didn’t put together as well.  It showed the anguish of many people that anguished over what they were seeing.  Some good people left government.  One was destroyed when he was prosecuted and then used up his retirement and the rest to defend himself.  Then, the government dropped the case before it could go to trial.   Despicable.

I like PBS.  Yes, it tends toward a liberal view.  But, it is also one of the few left that reports news.  That was obvious in last nights airing of the first part of what has come to be called The Snowden Revelation.  But, a fair part of what he documents was known and suppressed well before he felt the need to go public with documentation.

If you missed it last night you can:

View it Here

and I really recommend that you view it.  It is a chilling account.


While this lambasted the government, they aren’t alone.  Doubleclick was one of the first to use the “metadata” to profile us.  You enter a name on this site; a phone number on that; an address and so on.  You may do this on various sites but their database puts it all together   You may think you protect yourself on the Internet but there really isn’t a normal way you can.

Think about using a VPN service.  I do.  Not to keep the world from my sins but for a modicum of privacy.  I use one called: PrivateInternetAccess.com.  You can use it with computer, phone, and tablet.

Doubleclick was bought by Google.


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