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I doubt if the President is reading your phone’s output but you never know about those lower on the pecking list.  We’ve all said something we thought innocent that came back to haunt.  What to do?  Seems like every blogger I know is off to Vegas.

Get a VPN service for your phone.

I use privateinternetaccess.com and it is actually cheap and allows three devices to use it for the single account.  That give you your phone, tablet, and computer.  When enabled everything going out to the Internet is encrypted and passed to their server to distribute without identifying you.

Get a Spam Gourmet account

It is free and great protection.  It lets you have a zillion email addresses that will expire if you don’t make them permanent.  Now spam is limited and they don’t know who you really are.  So, enter those free contest or ask for info on Viagra with some peace of mind.

Twitter and Facebook

Another thing is Twitter and Facebook,  I have accounts on both but those accounts have the minimum info.   Many logons accept using one or the other and it expands your trackability.  So, set up two accounts and use the clunker when asked to use one to access something.

I know you’re not dumb but take care.

Don’t be like this guy.

Have fun on vacation and feel safe logging on to personal accounts from those free wifi stops along the way.


Look who else is watching!

You may soon get a call from your doctor if you’ve let your gym membership lapse, made a habit of ordering out for pizza or begin shopping at plus-sized stores. That’s because some hospitals are starting to use detailed consumer data to create profiles on current and potential patients to identify those most likely to get sick, so the hospitals can intervene before they do. Acxiom Corp. (ACXM) and LexisNexis are two of the largest data brokers who collect such information on individuals. They say their data are supposed to be used only for marketing, not for medical purposes or to be included in medical records. While both sell to health insurers, they said it’s to help those companies offer better services to members.  — from Slashdot

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  1. June 26th, 2014 at 17:14 | #1

    “So, set up two accounts and use the clunker when asked to use one to access something.”

    Good idea. It’s a jungle out there.

  2. June 26th, 2014 at 20:33 | #2

    So I shouldn’t mention that I am heading west on July 11?

  3. June 27th, 2014 at 05:23 | #3


    Wagon train, Pilgrim?

  4. June 28th, 2014 at 11:12 | #4

    I headed out there permanently just so I wouldn’t have to make the trip any more

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