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Missing Ice Cube

January 13th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wouldn’t call myself a denier in the Warming scam.  I tend to think of it as more a cash cow for scientist and fellow travelers.  Seems we can afford anything in these times and the folks involved have set out to prove it.

OK, now that I have alienated the political correctness crowd, today’s post isn’t really about my shaky opinion.  It is about unintended consequences.  Usually I drag out that hackneyed phrase to talk about the government.  Well, they have to be good at something and sadly that’s got the lead.


I just read this article over at ARS.  I really liked the read.  Humor is found in the oddest spots.

I’m even stealing their picture lead-in.  It seems that global warming is a godsend.  Really.  We’d embarked on the 100,000 year cycle to have a nice ice age.  The article talks about the model that defines (as the scientist sees it) what it takes to have to turn north America into an ice-cube.  Thanks to green house gases, it ain’t gonna happen.

Let’s hear a round of applause for those coal-fired plants.  I’m going on a limb applauding here.  It may because my house is the southern terminus for the last glaciation and the above picture as my northern view strikes fear.  Also a fan of good Wisconsin cheese and frozen cows don’t produce much milk.

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