Well, I watched the Stud game.  Had a heck of a time following it.   Robert Mizrachi took the bracelet and a quarter mil.  Watched until 11PM and then finished it this morning.  The writing was on the wall when I quit and there was no comeback.  They were hyping their free play site.  PlayWSOP is what I’ll mention.

They gave me play money.  I think it was 23K.


Might have been a bit more. The play was as atrocious as you’d expect.  Played loose at first but tightened up which made for even less fun.

You logon with either Facebook or Google logon.  And then it said this if you hit the circled question mark.

Access rights

That is scary!   I sure can’t recommend this site.



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  1. June 7th, 2016 at 16:21 | #1

    In stud they don’t show the hole cards which makes it as exciting as watching paint dry. I quit watching when they were three handed.

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