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Android Phone?

Using the Android phone?  Wish you could type on it like kids seem to do?  Yeah, me neither.  Old eyes strain to read something?  Wish it was more like your old clunker of a computer?  Fear not!

There is a kickstart going for a device that plugs into your phone and turns it into a desktop.   It is called the Andromium — hey, I didn’t choose the name.

You can trial the software at the Play store, here.

You can get it for $99 as a kickstart.

See what it’s all about:


Man it’s nasty here.  The temps I can live with.  The humidity? Furgetaboutit!   The weatherman says they are Amazon swamp level dew points.  80+, if you’re interested.   It generates nasty thunderstorms — wind, heavy rain, lightning (not 36), and hail.  Three days with A/C.  I hate A/C.  But right now it is getting a love-fest.

Houston, we have a problem!

You SOB’s sent us your weather.


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