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The Arrogance of Power

September 8th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

No, this isn’t about “The Donald”.   It could be, I guess.  This is about Secretaries of State.  It’s about two former ones.  Wanna guess?

This isn’t just about stupidity.  It could easily be CEO’s or a variety of elected officials.  It isn’t their stupidity but rather their arrogant superiority causing problems.

Madam Clinton did a bad thing.  It won’t end the world as we know it. It just points out that title doesn’t translate to ability.

This is a former head of the Joint Chiefs with that head in another place.

We all must rely on experts at times.  That may be your Doctor, Dietician or Personal Trainer.   It can even be annoying IT folks.   I doubt there is a citizen these days that isn’t aware that all the problems the Honorable pair are poo-pooing have shown up repeatedly in the evening news.

These people are wrong, wrong-headed, and failing a bit in the common sense department.  They should both be held accountable.  I am not suggesting prison; although, people with lesser standing have ended up there.

They have failed our trust and deserve censure.

Madam Clinton’s server contained at least one very high security message.  It was sent to her by another in the name of expediency.  It wasn’t the end of the world but points out how easy it is to do stupid things.

The General makes a valid point about privacy.  It is a sad truth that people in power lose privacy.  It opens them to their critics.  It is a reason many good people avoid service.  That is unfortunate.  Ask Nixon’s tapes about that.  And, you also might want to ask the NSA who has trickled the loss of privacy down to you and me.

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