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A Poker Post

October 2nd, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Seeing I haven’t really played since the Black Friday days,  this has to be a bit of a stretch.  What right do I then have to talk about poker?  Good question!

I just visited TableTango.com and that got the poker juices flowing.  Linda owns the spot…God Mother extra0rdonaire in online’s heyday.  My old boss. One of the nicest/best dealers you could run across.  So, I thought about the good, ol’ days.

She dealt regularly in Bobby’s Room in the heyday — the time of the golden glow.  She was the only person in that room that was remotely honest and she shared that to give her the share in poker blogging graft and corruption.  She was the Blog Mother and Iggy was the Blog Father and the future glowed in gold  — right on up to Black Friday.

So that the history.  On to talking poker.

What’s the game/location/karma that let you feel like a poker god — lower case of course?

I had three and maybe four.  I am going to leave one out as it is too embarrassing.  When you see the three I chose you’ll really ponder on the more degrading fourth.

  1. Pokerroom’s Freeroll

A freeroll?  Yes, in the early days of poker one of the first out there was Pokerroom.  The cheapest table game was Quarter-Half — no halfpenny games there.  You got points though and along the way I moved to grinding sit-go.  I got mad at them for some reason — my fault.  But I had points and the freeroll was a killer — three $3K freerolls a day.  It paid deep and top money was $150, I think.   The site had a forum and chat and we got to know each other — we ran the numbers on each other.  (POkerroom-home of trash talk) We knew the people in the freeroll and there were some serious players there — not just the idjuts. I had a $75 amount left over of Pokerroom bucks and that’d let me get 2nd place money and they didn’t deduct from your PR$.  So I could get 2nd a gazillion times — really turned out only twice but the money paid to like 300 of the 3000 enrolled and I’d at least min-cash regularly.  Money and fun and bragging. What wasn’t to like?

2. Tony’s Noon Rebuy

At Pokerworks the big kahuna was TonyG.  Before the prelims to Black Friday, he’d bought Pokerworks and — in true suck-up mode — I started playing on TonyG Poker.  I noticed it had a noon $5 rebuy and it always started with overlay.  (Overlay for those who don’t play poker is the house being on the hook for part of the Guaranty.)  I started out playing it for that but what I found were the most aggressive group of punters I’d run across.  I watched guys rebuy to the point they had to finish second to break even.  And that was before the tournament got beyond 3rd level.   So, the game that started with overlay turned into a honey pot with mucho more buyins than players.  Fit right in with nitty, sneaky poker.  I could cash at will .

3.  Mohawk Stud

Yup, that translate to Ultimate Bet — they outsleezed even Howard.  I got Mojo to front me some money.  They couldn’t take any of my credit cards and Mojo transferred a stack to me and I paypalled him to get a place to play after thing got tight.

I was in rough shape, poker-wise.  I burned out on tournament; sit n’ go;  and was playing a lot of ring HORSE with fair success — ok, making chump change overall.

It was a $3.30 rebuy Stud8  tournament.  I don’t know how I ended up slumming there.  It end up (risk:reward anyway) the best of the lot.  I paid back my loan to myself (paypaled) in no time. I drug $200 on top of that and had over $300 when UB went belly up.  And all that from a $2 tournament.  I could cash at will along with final table.  The days I busted were outliers. All I really wanted was for them to get a $5 or $10 tournament going just like it. (Click on the Stud Play Category for an idea.)

So there is the tale.  Three pathetic, honey holes.  I wish it had been the WSOP but yaz takes wadja gets.   After that you can see why I won’t share the worst.  Oh, I made money here and there on at least a semi-regular basis.  But, those three stand out in my mind; if not my wallet.

Go now and say hey to Linda — my sweetheart of poker.


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