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The FCC is going to do away with past rules on net neutrality.  It will allow the ISP to charge for “fast lane” access.  Right now there is no discrimination.  Every site must be treated the same.  The new rules will let the ISP charge for the very services that are now free to all.  That means you may end up with low resolution in the videos you view if the provider doesn’t pay them — Netflix, Youtube, Ted and all the rest will have to come after us to fund being able to fully use their service.  They have a working business model and that will have to change and change at our cost.

If the U.S. does this, it will make us second class members of the Internet.  The EU has protections in place similar to what our government is seeking to destroy.  The Internet should not be fragmented by various government — even though dictators and closed nations do this now.  The U.S. should never emulate 3rd world governments or face becoming one.

We all need to display our displeasure. Go to; find your senators and congressmen; fill in a message to them.

I am posting what I said to them.  You can copy, edit, expand on this or write your own.


I am disturbed that the FCC is doing away with net neutrality. The Internet is a basic feature in society that has grown to greatness organically. Now the FCC wants to change that. Government places great controls in the hands of agencies. Often they exceed their mandate and that is surely the case here. The old saying is that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I am more and more dismayed by both parties interest more in sound bites than acting to represent their constituents. You just avoid addressing the major issues that we see and go off on your own. Your failure to respond has led us to the Trump Presidency.

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    Being a cynic, I don’t follow the news much and wasn’t aware of the issues. Thank you for blogging about this.

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