I am so out of it

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Things use to seem pretty simple growing and living much of my life.  Today, I’m a anachronism.  I know why and I choose not to change.

Robert E. Lee

Certainly another conflicted man of his time.   He anguished over his duty and chose his state over country.  Probably the best general of the war.  He certainly succeeded with inferior forces over opposing generals.   That shouldn’t happen.

Today, they are tearing down his statues left and right because he was also a slave holder.  By the end of his life he was anything but as was all of the south.  He later guided Washington College as an educator of men persons. But down his statues must come.

On PBS the other night, it was mentioned that George Washington owned 316 slaves at Mount Vernon — a major slave holder.  Not only are his statues everywhere but he’s the name of our capital.


Sweden just gave him a sex change.  They were the first to do them and evidently don’t want to be the last.  We’ve gone from “Our father who are in Heaven…” to some gender neutral substitute.  Tradition be damned; correctness is more important says the lady Arch Bishop of the Church of Sweden.  To their credit, they’re leaving Jesus alone here.

My Grandfather

He was a butcher in the days of service meats.  He was liked by his lady customers and always called them “My dear” and if there were a couple shopping together he’d say, “What can I get you girls today?”

Go stand in the corner with Matt Lauer, Gramps.

My Parents

They be called free range or worse and I’d might have been taken from them by current child services.  They didn’t always know where I was playing although some other mother just a phone call away usually did. I’d wait in the car while they quickly ran in somewhere. I wanted to see a movie playing downtown Chicago. They told me to take the train by myself and see it and I did.  I felt awfully grown up at 11.  They were molding me and loved me but could get in trouble today.


Gender-neutral terms | Checklist

Forefathers – ancestors, forebears

Gentleman’s agreement – unwritten agreement, agreement based on trust

Girls (for adults) – women

Housewife – shopper, consumer, homemaker (depends on context)

Manpower – human resources, labour force, staff, personnel, workers, workforce

Man or mankind – humanity, humankind, human race, people

Man-made – artificial, manufactured, synthetic

Man in the street, common man – average/ordinary/typical citizen/person

Right-hand man – chief assistant

Sportsmanship – fairmess, good humour, sense of fair play

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Guide to Inclusive Language

  1. Becky
    December 1st, 2017 at 11:23 | #1

    At age 17 I boarded a train by myself, in Hammond Indiana to NYC to see the World’s Fair and attend a Broadway Musical—thanks for the ticket to Funny Girl!

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