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Happy Birthday

December 7th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

On “The Day that will live in Infamy.” I know where I was.  It isn’t like the day Kennedy was shot where I was walking across the student quad of my training battalion at Shepard AFB and someone came out of the CQ room shouting the news.  This info comes down second-hand.

I was lying in my crib.  It was an upstairs apartment that my parents shared with my Grandparents just across the street from his Grocery Store. It was the depression and my parents were a couple of years from owning their own home.  It was a family celebration for my Grandfather’s birthday.  On the radio came the news and life in the US changed.

My Gramps was quite a guy.  He was short.  My Grandmother towered over him. He was probably 5’6-7″.  But he was a cock-o’-the-walk kinda guy in those days.  A snappy dresser when he wasn’t behind the meat counter in his apron.  But still in a starched white shirt and tie there.  Dapper might be another description.  Often at noon, he would take of the apron and put on the double-breasted and cross the street to his brother’s tavern (The Golden Gate) for lunch and a beverage.  In later years, he’d take me along on deliveries to several taverns and restaurants in his delivery truck to show me off and we’d have lunch.  One of them still had their version of the nickel lunch.  Today, we’d call it a buffet.

So, that’s my Gramps and that’s my “memory” of the Day that will live in Infamy.

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  1. Becky
    December 7th, 2017 at 11:18 | #1

    Thanks for the memorable description of our grandfather. Dapper he was, kind and a happy guy. Never heard profanity nor an ugly word said about another. So Nickle Lunch is a new term for me—did that have anything to do with the silly song he’d sing about “there’s a hole in the donut ….. there’s a hole in the old buckle too too too?” We had great grandparents! Hope you reply. Take care and Merry Holidays!

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