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I am retired now and enjoying a good life. Investing helped for a long time but the decline of the last few years caused a lot of damage to the old net worth. But, I am getting by and enjoying life.

I've had way too many hobbies over the years. I had my own darkroom for years. I am an amateur radio operator--KB9EU. The one that stuck was computers which were a passion for many years and helped me make a living. Today I am outdated in skills and don't have the interest I once had.

I live in North West Indiana on a small, private lake. ...I outgrew saying drop in last week... but my sense of humor can still get me in trouble. The area is surrounded by heavy industry; but, I still find it quite livable. Used to live farther south in Lake county but that got as grown up as this area. There too I lived on a lake.

I live a few miles from the Indiana National Lakeshore. It is interesting country. We have cactus; pitcher plants, deer galore and a host of exotic items. Stop here to view the area and how it was saved from development by our Save Our Dunes Council. I keep meaning to visit Pinhook Bog each summer and don't get around to it. Hopefully, this summer...

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, authorized by Congress in 1966, is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois in the counties of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte in Northwest Indiana.

As a youth, my Boy Scout troop often camped in the Indiana Dunes State Park. One of the great features of Indiana is it's great and diverse aggregation of state parks. They are GREAT! and cover a broad spectrum of terrain and interest. Many of the parks have great old lodges with American plan accommodations. It can be an inexpensive family nature outing in some gorgeous, unique country.

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