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July 15th, 20093 comments

That's what the area I live in is called.  It is an interesting area and the birthplace of ecology. We've got cactus and rattlesnakes along with steel mills and refineries. But, the Dune reference is to the old Dune's hotel.  There is an article over at PokerNews that highlights it as the poker hot spot of its day. 

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Crystal Balls

July 10th, 2009No comments

No, this isn't about my cowardice at the tables.  It is about the future of online poker.  If you read Bill Rini as I asked in the last blog, you came across his look at the future.  Not often I get to use puissant but here it comes.  Bill's older post was a puissant look at the future of online poker.


The Riggstad Dilemma

July 2nd, 20096 comments

Well, it won't make it to the silver screen like The Borne Identity but it an interesting rant.  I don't mean to try to debunk it but it is a bit one sided.   Read more...

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