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Bad News

December 9th, 2016No comments

It’s a term.  Hey man, that dude is bad news.   Or,  I got good news and bad news; which do you want first?  But today’s bad news requires adding one more possibility in the dictionary.  3. Politically incorrect. Read more…

Happy Bubba?

November 10th, 20161 comment

One of my RSS feeds is  I read maybe one out of 5 of their posts and maybe just scan that one.  It is the site run by the guy who picked all the state results a couple of elections ago.  Lucky he didn’t start with this one. Read more…

The Arrogance of Power

September 8th, 2016No comments

No, this isn’t about “The Donald”.   It could be, I guess.  This is about Secretaries of State.  It’s about two former ones.  Wanna guess? Read more…

Hillary’s Mens Rea

July 6th, 20161 comment

No, this isn’t about me be a peeping tom.  Mens Rea is lawyer-speak for State of Mind.  And, that is what got her out of the hot water.  Yes, she stored classified info on her personal mail server.  Yes, she was briefed on how classified info must be protected. But, nobody thinks here state of mind was such that she’s culpable.  At least that’s what the Attorney General’s office told us yesterday. Read more…


May 29th, 20163 comments

The title is an interesting term.   My Uncle Mac understood it differently.  He was an interesting man — my great-uncle really and married to my grandmother’s sister.  Sweet ladies both.  Uncle Mac installed coal slips out west back in the days when it was still the wild west.  When I knew him he was managing a tool and die shop.  In between, he’d been a professional trap shooter for the Hercules powder company.  He said,  “Perfection is attained only by hard studies and constant practice.”  I guess that works for tool and die making, reading blue prints, and busting clay pigeons.  Read more…

Damned if you do; Damned if you don’t

May 16th, 20163 comments

One thing the three-month hiatus did was keep me from making a really bad prediction.  Back then, I would surely pontificate, “There is no way Trump could be nominated”. So that’s not part of the record, but it sure would have been. Read more…

You gotta watch this

May 11th, 2016No comments

It comments about politics by a politican.  Now that should scare you.  But, here is a guy with a sense of humor and some common sense. Read more…

Mighty Mice

December 15th, 20152 comments

Politician!  Doncha just love what they do to for us?

Read more…


November 15th, 20152 comments

In a week that included Veterans Day, the attack on Paris shocked the world,  I won’t go into the religious distortions used by Islamic militants.  Lord knows Christian religions were as guilty in the past.

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Still chugging

September 5th, 20156 comments

Yes, still kicking…still ranting.  Today’s rant makes me wonder about the sanity of government.  When it cooperates with corporate greed, abusive results seem the norm. Read more…