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The Internet

November 28th, 20171 comment

The FCC is going to do away with past rules on net neutrality.  It will allow the ISP to charge for “fast lane” access.  Right now there is no discrimination.  Every site must be treated the same.  The new rules will let the ISP charge for the very services that are now free to all.  That means you may end up with low resolution in the videos you view if the provider doesn’t pay them — Netflix, Youtube, Ted and all the rest will have to come after us to fund being able to fully use their service.  They have a working business model and that will have to change and change at our cost. Read more…

All present and accounted for, Sir

April 9th, 20171 comment

Well, at least I am alive — according to my doctor –who run test after test to verify that. Read more…

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Spam Callers

December 13th, 20163 comments

If you are like me, your number of spam phone calls has gone up.  I am in the national and state Do-Not-Call registries.  That worked for a while but the spammers have said screw that.  What to do? Read more…

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September 5th, 2016No comments

Are you one who wonders why someone would pirate a movie?

Well, a picture is worth 1000 word.  (That makes this post almost as long as one of Rob’s) Read more…

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Android Phone?

July 24th, 2016No comments

Using the Android phone?  Wish you could type on it like kids seem to do?  Yeah, me neither.  Old eyes strain to read something?  Wish it was more like your old clunker of a computer?  Fear not! Read more…

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June 26th, 20144 comments

I doubt if the President is reading your phone’s output but you never know about those lower on the pecking list.  We’ve all said something we thought innocent that came back to haunt.  What to do?  Seems like every blogger I know is off to Vegas. Read more…

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Looking Up

April 14th, 20132 comments

No, not online poker for all.  Not my miserable play either.  But, tonight?  Look up if you are in a northern clime.   There is a solar flare set to arrive around 7 or so — depending on timezone. That means that there will be Aurora possibilities across the upper states. Read more…

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This and That

April 5th, 20131 comment

Well, the visitors to the site aren’t (hopefully) noticing anything different.  It looks just like it did in days past.  But, you aren’t arriving at the same place.  My server is with a different provider.  This is the one I went with after the horror of blogging and trying to work with GoDaddy.  I was happy with the site.  The reason I left is that the wanted to raise my rate about double.  We argued; I lost; they lost me as a customer. Read more…

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I think new new sites is up

April 3rd, 2013No comments

The main domain was finally transferred.  It looks like it made it fine.  I have to check out mail server yet and am too busy to get to it.   Tomorrow is my day in court to evict a tenant and I am involved in that.  See you tomorrow or so with the hope I can see this post shortly in my reader.

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Paradigm Shifting

February 1st, 20131 comment

Paradigm is one of those super neat words we can use to make people think we are smarter and more with it than truth would support.  Like …  “Wow he said paradigm!  He must be smart and successful.  Even if he can’t get a date he looks happy.”  Then comes the corollary — another power word — “Hey, I’ve got a girl friend and am neither happy or successful. Duhh, WTF” Read more…

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