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Cord Cutting

January 7th, 20133 comments

This isn’t about visiting a delivery room.  It is about Smart TV and what you can watch without cable or satellite feeds.  The vehicle in the early days was Google TV and frankly it sucked.  I still have a Logitech GTV which is the first generation product for interfacing to a modern TV.  The problem is/was multifold.  Many past sins are now solvable with the product coming online. Read more…

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October 5th, 2012No comments

I am always amazed with what the Internet offers.  I keep running into oddities that I’d like to share but they really don’t make a blog.   Good Twitter items but I don’t do Twitter.  There are several that I’ve run across or wanted to talk about.  So, for better or worse… Read more…

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September 26th, 20125 comments

No, don’t take two and call me in the morning.  This is about the State of the Art in tablet and media access.  Tablet computers are getting really cheap.  I have a $90 one coming.  It has shipped — from Singapore.  I expect it some time next week.  It is a lower end unit that I’m getting for a specific reason.  I can access the Internet and even watch a video via WiFi if I want to see it on a small screen instead of my 40″ which also has Internet connectivity.  Read more…

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Toys and Choices

September 18th, 20124 comments

I hate the new/old/discontinued Kindles.  I consider them everything that is wrong but trending in the tablet marketplace.   I am a Libertarian.  I believe in individual rights.  The problem with the Kindle is that it abrogates ones rights.  OK, it is easy-peasy to use but that shouldn’t be an excuse.  The honest ones are just as easy. Read more…

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Don’t believe everything you…

August 8th, 20127 comments

Read doesn’t seem adequate these days.  Media forms abound.  FUD also abounds.  That is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  Technology-wise Waffles can kick sand in my dated face.  Even being a 98# weakling that pecking order, it descends further to guys like Sparky.  And, at the bottom of the order resides everybody’s dainty lady. The following isn’t designed for Waffles enlightenment.  If your skill is closer to him than the others on the list, go visit the bar for a bit.  Waffles found a sucker over the weekend; so he’s buying. Read more…

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August 7th, 20124 comments

I do come across that way at times.  Paranoid jokes abound.  I grabbed a few from the net.

Being paranoid means never having to think that your alone.

Q: What happens when a paranoid has low self-esteem? A: He thinks that nobody important is out to get him.

The one I like is:  Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

And that proved true recently when my credit card got compromised.  Read more…

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July 22nd, 20122 comments

This little public service announcement is for a particular class of leisure suited individuals.  It is a specific situation but others can adopt the solution for a variety of needs.  Our lad’s 8-track died and he replaced it with a neat new combo pack that even takes his I-pad or such.  Read more…

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Spam and SEO

July 20th, 20122 comments

I said I was done with the series on building a site for fun and profit.  I am although readers of this post may disagree.  It is also about something I know very little about.  Have I ever let that stop me?  The earlier post noted that I get a lot of spam — over 50,000 and counting.  The reason probably has to do with SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  That is an evil world. Read more…

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Out of your Misery

July 19th, 2012No comments

This will be the final post in the series about blogging alternatives.  (Cheering dies down)  At least one guy tried the interface for WordPress and changed the blog title.  I hope he tried some of the other neat features.  Let’s refer to him as Leisure Suit LarryRead more…

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July 18th, 20123 comments

That is one of the newer buzzwords. It is a way of saying there is value in your name. Our blogs are our product.  Using blogger limits your branding.  Rather than enhance your brand, you serve enhancing their brand.   Even in the down economy of poker/gambling you’ll be surprised what your efforts/brand is worth. Read more…

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