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Sartorial Splendor

October 5th, 20126 comments

Bloggers aren’t noted for the above.  I think it is a poker player thing.  But, this weekend only one of my favorite geek sites can dress you in splendor at the Winter Gathering.   Who knows? maybe it could be a uniform. Read more…

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September 15th, 20121 comment

I do love them shaggy dogs.  And, it is even better when they are timely.  No fleas on this one.

Read more…

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Technology Leader

July 19th, 20122 comments

I was shocked to learn that Sparky is the technology guru in his department.  That was among the a whole list of shocks about him when he sent me this video showing off the I-Pad his family got him. Other shocks were: speaks German at home; child bride; gourmet chef; growing beard.  Gotta be a mid-life crisis somewhere in there. Read more…

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Computer Porn

July 18th, 2012No comments

Yesterday’s post gave several of my Luddites a headache.  One seems to have spent some money so I’ll continue that topic later today.  In the meantime, this is for my horny Luddites –Neo, Quack-Quack, Josie, Sparky and Rob. Genuine Computer Porn.  Click through and enjoy! Read more…

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I Just Trippled Up Again

July 4th, 20124 comments

It has gotten to be a fairly regular occurrence.  Not a lot of tourists out either. Recently I’ve avoided beta.  Beta is stock market talk for variance.   Of course variance relates to heaters and coolers.  Without that it is a low beta.  You’d think that’s good, wouldn’t you.  Wrong! Read more…

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Un chapeau reversemont (pseudo French)

June 29th, 201213 comments

A lot of recent chatter in Sin City about haberdashery.  The emphasis is on a plebeian item loved by baseball players and hip-hop artiste. It is the baseball cap and wearing it has gone through many phases.  One aging baseballer grasping for lost youth has been in the Las Vegas headlights.  Like the obvious bluff, he’s been called down by his peers. Read more…

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1,000 Words per Square Inch

June 28th, 20123 comments

I love words.  But, only to a point.  I mean what not to like when you run into a word like succinct.   I always read It pays to Increase your Word Power in the Reader’s Digest.  I never met a word I didn’t want to know.  “Lets make it a true daily double, Alex.”

Every once in a while the old axiom about a picture being worth a thousand words brings meaning to a word at multiple levels.  Well, I want to give the guy some credit.  My ancient Greek is also suspect. I give you… Read more…

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By any other name

May 5th, 20121 comment

You know like  Spaceballs — THE MOVIE.  You differentiate.  You refine. So we’re talking TRIPLE CROWN.   Of course that isn’t enough for today. Read more…

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I Coulda Bena Contenda

April 14th, 20123 comments

So, Mojo is talking about another tour at the WSOP.   Had to remind me of the black day I almost won the main event.  Damn!  I thought I’d set that aside and here he brings it to the fore again.  Shame on you, Sir. Read more…

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Second Coming

March 31st, 20126 comments

Well, Jesus Ferguson’s travails are document on the net and in the courts.  He has been demoted to being one of the older gods with thoughts going to his failure to have his heel properly immersed in the River Styx.  Therefor, it is obvious we need a new poker god.   The following is proposed: Read more…

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