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Equifax Blows

September 22nd, 20174 comments

Well, the Equifax boondoggle seems to have bit me.  When I logged onto their site, it say I probably was compromised with their letting my records be stolen.  Ain’t that great.

So, they give me a site to register for a year’s protection.  I fill in the info and they tell me it didn’t take and I need to call their number.   But, when I return to the site, it tells me I have registered.   Then I get a message to proceed providing more info.  I do.  It asks me for my DOB twice and then tells me it can’t proceed and to call a number.  But, it too says it took when I reload the site.  Today, another message.  It need to verify my info.  Really?  This is now the third time they said that.  This time it asks me four question about outstanding loans/balances.  None of them applied to me.  Call me mister “none of the above.”  Made me think that is what everyone will end up being.

So, now it is stuck.  I can’t log in.  It appears I must call the bloody number and, being almost deaf now, that will be a nightmare.

As one of the big three credit organizations, their operation is atrocious.  They are a dog that should be put down.   Who in their right mind thinks they can rely on them?

Besides the above, the site was slow and pages timed out with regularity.  The system they are using to verify me is keystone cop grade software.  They have yet asked a question that really id’s me.  The first two step asked for information that was stolen — SS# and DOB.  The third one didn’t have info about me needing validation — all none of the above.

If you got bit by Equifax like me,  good luck.

The CEO and security head resigned/retired.  They were replaced internally by people likely as involved with theft as the people they are replacing.

There is no Big 3 in credit verification.  And now I wonder if there is even a “Big 2.”


P.S. If you have a Discover card, they are now providing similar info for free.  They will notify me if I apply for a credit card or loan.  At that point one is on their own.  If I ever get nailed, Equifax would supposedly resolve/protect me in the theft.  After visiting their site and jumping thru their broken hoops, I wonder just how great a job they’d do at that.  So, I’ve probably got as much protection with the Discover/Experian info.

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He’s back

May 11th, 20161 comment

Well, after a several month hiatus, I have the site working again.  What happened?  You don’t want to know.

Read more…

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We wish you a

December 24th, 20152 comments

Merry Christmas

It doesn’t look like Christmas this year.  People are skating Rockefeller in shorts and tees.  Even poor Josie might be hankering for a bit of that 2013-14 Christmas.  Although, it would be for only a bit of that year of blizzards.  Remember the term Polar Vortex?

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Behind the times-posts

November 10th, 20152 comments

Not much of a post but I thought I’d better say something to avoid the “Still alive?” queries. Read more…

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January 12th, 20152 comments

Well, a different one from our pasteboard passion.   I am talking old computer games.  Who didn’t want to be Leisure Suit Larry.  OK, bad one to use.  But there were a bunch of them that we played at old TV resolution levels.

I did it on my computer with a CGA card — spiffy.  Others plugged in their Nintendo to their TV.   I think a Nintendo cartridge went for maybe $19.95 at the start and there were places you could sell or trade them for half the price.   As time progressed, prices and ability increased.  Today, you can plunk down $59.95.

But this Nintendo cartridge takes inflation to an all new level.

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December 11th, 20142 comments

Use that too much and you really don’t sound very with it.  These days it is a major part of my vocabulary.  The telephone has become an enemy.  Conversations can become a minefield.  This all really kicked in a year ago August with an incident that sent me to the emergency room. Read more…

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Sleep — perchance to dream

November 3rd, 20142 comments

As I aged, my sleeping habits have changed.  Sleep was uninterrupted and deep when I was young.  I could easy sleep in at times.  With age, that has changed.  I’m up earlier and don’t sleep as well.  I attributed it to the aches and pains that go with age.  Read more…


August 7th, 20145 comments

Rhubarb is a strange thing.  It isn’t a fruit but I love a rhubarb custard pie as much as the fruit variety.  It reminds me of the local farmers with the query about whether the rain will hurt the rhubarb — those old goat in the small farming community I grew up in would stand in their overall and complain about the weather that was never up to their needs.  I guess I’ve become one of those old farts with more complaints than compliments. Read more…

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By Popular Request

June 22nd, 20136 comments

Well, it was just one comment/request by Sparky; but around here in these non-poker days, that seems huge.  I’m supposed to post — like that means much.   I do like to write.  I have done it in a forum of late that gives me my Jones.  Since poker, I’ve had a hard time thinking anything I could say had much originality.  That created a path more toward plagiarism than content.  Threw in a bit more snarky to try to give some entertainment value. Read more…

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I am Old and Forgetful

May 13th, 20132 comments

I totally missed recognizing the sadness of last Saturday — the 11th.  A national sadness?  An international sadness?  No, my friend.  This sadness is truly GALACTIC!!! Read more…

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