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He’s back

May 11th, 20161 comment

Well, after a several month hiatus, I have the site working again.  What happened?  You don’t want to know.

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We wish you a

December 24th, 20152 comments

Merry Christmas

It doesn’t look like Christmas this year.  People are skating Rockefeller in shorts and tees.  Even poor Josie might be hankering for a bit of that 2013-14 Christmas.  Although, it would be for only a bit of that year of blizzards.  Remember the term Polar Vortex?

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Behind the times-posts

November 10th, 20152 comments

Not much of a post but I thought I’d better say something to avoid the “Still alive?” queries. Read more…

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January 12th, 20152 comments

Well, a different one from our pasteboard passion.   I am talking old computer games.  Who didn’t want to be Leisure Suit Larry.  OK, bad one to use.  But there were a bunch of them that we played at old TV resolution levels.

I did it on my computer with a CGA card — spiffy.  Others plugged in their Nintendo to their TV.   I think a Nintendo cartridge went for maybe $19.95 at the start and there were places you could sell or trade them for half the price.   As time progressed, prices and ability increased.  Today, you can plunk down $59.95.

But this Nintendo cartridge takes inflation to an all new level.

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December 11th, 20142 comments

Use that too much and you really don’t sound very with it.  These days it is a major part of my vocabulary.  The telephone has become an enemy.  Conversations can become a minefield.  This all really kicked in a year ago August with an incident that sent me to the emergency room. Read more…

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Sleep — perchance to dream

November 3rd, 20142 comments

As I aged, my sleeping habits have changed.  Sleep was uninterrupted and deep when I was young.  I could easy sleep in at times.  With age, that has changed.  I’m up earlier and don’t sleep as well.  I attributed it to the aches and pains that go with age.  Read more…


August 7th, 20145 comments

Rhubarb is a strange thing.  It isn’t a fruit but I love a rhubarb custard pie as much as the fruit variety.  It reminds me of the local farmers with the query about whether the rain will hurt the rhubarb — those old goat in the small farming community I grew up in would stand in their overall and complain about the weather that was never up to their needs.  I guess I’ve become one of those old farts with more complaints than compliments. Read more…

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By Popular Request

June 22nd, 20136 comments

Well, it was just one comment/request by Sparky; but around here in these non-poker days, that seems huge.  I’m supposed to post — like that means much.   I do like to write.  I have done it in a forum of late that gives me my Jones.  Since poker, I’ve had a hard time thinking anything I could say had much originality.  That created a path more toward plagiarism than content.  Threw in a bit more snarky to try to give some entertainment value. Read more…

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I am Old and Forgetful

May 13th, 20132 comments

I totally missed recognizing the sadness of last Saturday — the 11th.  A national sadness?  An international sadness?  No, my friend.  This sadness is truly GALACTIC!!! Read more…

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Heard the name before?

April 20th, 20133 comments

If you watched the wrap up of the Boston sadness, you saw a lot of folks that you might not be familiar with unless you are from Boston.  But there was one we all know but may not love a lot more than the bombers. Read more…

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